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Health Locker

Uploaded by Davow
Sep 7th 2019, 3:27 AM


An interactive brick that heals you if you've been damaged or have low health.

How to use the locker:

  1. Stand near the locker to replenish your health.
  2. If "limited supplies" is enabled and you're in a minigame, the supplies will lower until its empty.
  3. Standing near the locker while being damaged will continue to heal you. The snag of this will be consuming all the supplies if the preference for that is enabled.


  • Support for BLG Preferences
  • Acquire delay: Delay in milliseconds each time health is given
    (Min - 50) (Max - 500)
  • Limit supplies: In mini-games, enabling this pref gives a center print popup that tells how much supplies are left inside. Once it reaches 0, then that's it for it.
  • Supply amount: How much supplies it has once the event resets it or is first planted.
    (Min - 1) (Max - 40)
  • Output event: resetHealthLocker which sets the supplies back to its max.
  • Heal amount, allowing to give a certain amount of health
    (Min - 10) (Max - 100)
  • Brick from Gamemode_Zombie


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