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Uploaded by Davow
Sep 13th 2019, 7:47 PM


In 2015, Megaguy2 released an audio pack containing the Gamemode_Zombie sounds and the tank zombie as a hole bot. I wanted more zombie types from Gamemode_zombie ported over and perhaps from ZAPT as well. I asked later that year if anyone wanted to make these zombie types as bots but to no avail. Now 4 years later, I decided to make them myself after all the Torque knowledge I obtained.

These bots feature custom sounds, effects, their abilities from the base game, dynamically raising their arms and lowering them, being able to get distracted by a pipe bomb or bile bomb, custom CI's, and more! There's also support for Glass preferences to enable custom faces and decals, along with editing the damage amount some specials do.

Recommended Add-Ons to use:

Zombie Decals -
Zombie Faces -
SWeps Ext for burning zombies (Requires SWep base) -

BLG Preferences:

  • Style: How the zombie's appearance will be altered!
    Default: The normal style.
    Default Green: Normal style but with green skin
    Custom Green: Green skin and custom decals.
    ZAPT: Tries to emulate the zombie appearances from the Zombies Are People Too game mode.

  • Specials Warn Light: Special Infected will enable light to warn when they're about to use their ability.

  • Tonge Max Reach Distance: How far the smoker can shoot out its tongue to reach its victim.
    (0) - (60)

  • Tonge Pull Force: How strong the smoker's tongue pulls a victim to it.
    (0) - (3)

  • Specials Damage Amount: How much damage specials do when they pin a victim.
    (10) - (30)

  • Limited Lifetime: Bool to enable a limited lifetime for all bots, only works in minigames.

  • Tank & Charger Tumble Victims: Bool for enabling tumble from chargers and tanks.

  • Normal Zombies Random Scale: Bool for enabling a randomized scale for common/uncommon zombies.

  • Hold Down Victims: Do zombies try and constrict you from moving? Determined by boolean.

  • Enable spawning with rocks: Do common/uncommon have the option to have a projectile weapon against uninfected? Determined by boolean.

  • Clumsify common/uncommon: The most useless preference out there, just makes the common/uncommon zombies dumber by making them randomly tumble.

From Left-Right according to the images:

  • Bile Bomb: A throwable "grenade" that can distract zombies for 15 seconds, it could also be used to bile zombies as well and turn them against each other.

  • Boomer: L4D Special Infected. Can either puke or explode to bile someone, turning their victims into fresh zombie beacons if that happens. The bile effect slows you down slightly and will wear off in 15 seconds.

  • Charger: L4D2 Special Infected. Can smash players away if it touches them, and can charge a player and grab one to smash them onto the ground. Victims pinned by the charger cannot be saved unless the charger is killed or severely hurt.

  • Hunter: L4D Special Infected. It can run fast and do lethal damage. If a victim is spotted, the hunter will leap and pin them with major strikes until they die.

  • Jockey: L4D2 Special Infected. An annoying and crazy zombie that can pin a player by riding its head and hitting it until they die.

  • Rock: An item that can be equipped as a weapon, common zombies can also use this.

  • Pipe Bomb: A special throwable weapon that distracts zombies until the 16th beep, does a major explosion.

  • Smoker: L4D Special Infected. It has a tongue ability that can pull a victim to it, victims can either die by suffocation or by the smoker's melee attacks.

  • Spitter: L4D2 Special Infected: A zombie that can shoot acid spit at a victim. If the spit accumulates onto someone without separation, it becomes lethal.

  • Tank: L4D Special Infected. A big, bad zombie that has tons of damage, flips over vehicles, is fulfilled with rage, and tosses boulders at enemies.

  • Witch: L4D Special Infected. A sad crybaby that wants nothing but to be alone, players who get too close will become shredded like paper by her claws.

  • Custom Zombie: L4D Common Infected. A normal zombie can spawn with a rock under a 5% chance and is the typical zombie you'll face in the apocalypse.

  • Event: RandomizeZombieSpecial: Basically an event to change the brick's hole bot to any random special zombie. It's best used with "OnBotSpawn">"Self">"RandomizeZombieSpecial".

  • Input Event: onZombieTouch

  • Input Event: onTankTouch


Version 3.0.1

March 19, 2020

Version 3.0

February 2, 2020

Version 2.0

November 24, 2019


No bugs reported.
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