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Tier+Tactical - Shotgun Skins

Uploaded by Panopticon
Dec 26th 2019, 2:11 PM


Bushido's iconic weapon pack, this time with a fresh coat of paint!

Codenamed "Kai", this update includes a boatload of bugfixes, an overhauled ammo system, and all new preferences for you to play around with. The classic look and feel of the weapons have been left mostly untouched.

Here's a quick rundown:

  • T+T1 ammo mode finally works after all these years
  • New Arena ammo mode: bottomless magazines and limited ammo, for an authentic Quake-Like experience
  • Patched ammo system: no negative ammo or your money back, should also work with SetInventory and other weird item events
  • Lots of preferences, compatible with both Glass and RTB
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes and enhancements
  • Fully working easter eggs

A full description of all preferences can be found at:

Skins are variants of weapons from the main tiers with changes that are almost always extremely minor.

Included in this pack:
The Scattergun
(part of the Modern series)
Have you ever held a shotgun and decided to run a marathon? No? Wow, aren't you dumb? I bet you were the dumbest in your class—a regular dummy dummerson. If you HAVE ran a marathon with a shotgun, allow me to applaud you, good sir—for you are indeed, a man of stature and wealth. And, subsequently, allow me to applaud you with a weapon built expressly for such purposes—short enough to be able to hold handily in two hands, and powerful enough to kneecap anyone who gets too close.

The Modern Shotgun
(part of the Modern series)
One day, during the lunch rush, a very intelligent man in the gunsmithing business asked his similarly-intelligent friends what they thought of what he believed was an "amazing, ground-breaking" idea: a shotgun that, instead of being big and bulky, was thin and lithe and easy-to-use. Years of passed, and indeed, the gunsmith and his smithettes created a Frankenstein of a weapon: a shotgun with all the user-friendliness of a lesser gun, but with all the brute force of it's peers.

Then they got shot. Can't mess with perfection, I suppose.


Version 3.0.0

January 10, 2020


No bugs reported.
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Tier+Tactical - Tier 1
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