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Tier+Tactical - SMG Skins

Uploaded by Panopticon
Dec 26th 2019, 2:31 PM


Bushido's iconic weapon pack, this time with a fresh coat of paint!

Codenamed "Kai", this update includes a boatload of bugfixes, an overhauled ammo system, and all new preferences for you to play around with. The classic look and feel of the weapons have been left mostly untouched.

Here's a quick rundown:

  • T+T1 ammo mode finally works after all these years
  • New Arena ammo mode: bottomless magazines and limited ammo, for an authentic Quake-Like experience
  • Patched ammo system: no negative ammo or your money back, should also work with SetInventory and other weird item events
  • Lots of preferences, compatible with both Glass and RTB
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes and enhancements
  • Fully working easter eggs

A full description of all preferences can be found at:

Skins are variants of weapons from the main tiers with changes that are almost always extremely minor.

Included in this pack:
The Classic SMG
(part of the Classic Pack)
The Classic SMG has been a staple of warfare ever since the first Blockian server set foot on the Landian coast... and started opening fire on anything that moved. Despite him being a total jackass, we commemorate his psychotic rampage (and everyone who is now thinking inside of the box due to it) by continuing to use it to this very day. The fact that it KICKS ASS is coincidence.

The Silenced SMG
(part of the Modern pack)
A favored weapon of extremely loud assassins the world over, the Silenced SMG is characterized rather accurately as a "very quiet storm of extremely angry gnats". We're not sure who said that, but we're certain he's doing quite well, in his cardboard box on the outskirts of Collab City, and we can only wish him the best.

The Modern SMG
(part of the Modern pack)
What a lot of people don't know is that the Silenced SMG doesn't come silenced out of the box—no, it actually has a silencer ATTACHED to it. This is in the box too, waiting to be assembled, but a few crazy bastards decided to NOT attach the suppressor. They were shot dead, but the police realized that maybe the idea had some backbone to it.

The Naval SMG
(honorary member of the Modern pack)
Despite its name the Naval SMG doesn't actually see a lot of action on boats and submarines: actually, most of the combat it gets is in mid-air, 3000 feet in the sky, in helicopters. Nobody's quite sure why, but the guy who came up with the it in the first place isn't really happy about it: the government promised to do something about it, but they're all off doing something. We're pretty certain they mentioned donuts.

The Micro SMG
(honorary member of the Modern pack)
Again despite its name, the Micro SMG is actually rather bulky. Not, like, Vladof Munitions bulky, but bulky enough for people to say "Wow, hey, this is a bulky gun". To wit, you couldn't throw this at someone like deadweight and expect them to die, but you could very well use it as a paperweight or to stop a door from closing. It's of moderate girth, at least. Above average.

It's certainly not MICRO, which is the point here.


Version 3.0.0

January 10, 2020


No bugs reported.
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Tier+Tactical - Tier 1
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