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Parachute Pack

Uploaded by Lordician
Jan 13th 2020, 10:30 PM


This mod uses the same models from the original parachute add-on, but has a completely revised script and mechanics.

New features:

  • Using the parachute Item will now mount you to an invisible bot.
  • No more changing datablock when you use the parachute.
  • Plays the sitting animation while parachuting.
  • Your parachute can be broken by being shot.
  • Use Right-Click to remove your active parachute.
  • Touching the ground or vehicles removes your active parachute.
  • Crashing into something (somehow) removes your active parachute.
  • Landing in water removes your active parachute.
  • Using the parachute item (succesfully) removes it from your inventory. (Glass Preference to toggle this feature on/off.)
  • Events added for the Player target to start and stop parachuting.

Bug reports and feedback are always welcome, but i cannot guarantee that i will update this often.
If you find a bug, please tell me how to reproduce the issue. :)

Based on the original mod, "Item_parachute", which was modeled by Pandan-MtnDew and scripted by Aloshi.
Original mod not required.


Version 1.1.0

January 14, 2020


No bugs reported.
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