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Old School Weapon Expansion

Uploaded by Knighticus
Mar 6th 2020, 7:58 PM


An expansion pack to my other weapon pack that is a bunch of old RTB and some obscure weapons I found and decided to re-imagine and re-design.

This pack features:
-Headshot support for pistols and semi automatic rifles.
-Unique effects.
-Some weapons have alt firing modes when you right click.

Weapons included in the pack:
-Bio Launcher
-Colt 1911
-Combat Shotgun
-Drum SMG
-Faec Pwner
-Famas F2
-Grenade Launcher
-Heavy Hitter
-Mac 10 w/grenade launcher attachment
-Bull Magnum
-Plasma Launcher
-Spy Sidearm
-Switch Rifle
-Switch SMG
-Tommy Gun

This pack requires Old School Weapon Remakes aka Weapon_Remake to work.

ALSO: If someone wants to post these to the Blockland Forums please do just credit me, my BL forum account no longer exists because the E-mail I was using for it got terminated. And I'm not buying a new key just for a new BL forum account.


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Old School weapon Remakes
Mar 7th 2020, 6:34 AM
Did you fix the Q + M1 spam issue from the older pack?