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Mini Empires Pack

Uploaded by CommunistSquared
Apr 6th 2016, 9:26 PM


Mini Empires brick pack to spice up your MERP games or miniature builds. Includes both small 1x1 blockheads and various other miscellaneous miniature objects.


Vegetation -

1x1x5 evergreen tree
2x2x5 evergreen forest
1x1x1 tree stump
2x2x1 tree stumps
1x1x2 cacti brick
1x1x2 cactus brick

Misc -

1x1x2 flag
1x2x4 big flag
1x1x1 dock brick
1x1x1 supplies brick

Animals -

1x1x1 horse, can place minifigure inside of it

Blockheads (all 1x1x2) -

x2 plain (standing and walking)
x2 axe (idle and chopping)
x2 bow (idle and drawn)
x2 club (idle and drawn)
x2 crossbow (idle and drawn)
x1 dead
x2 fishing (standing and sitting)
x1 flag
x2 flintlock (idle and aimed)
x1 HMG
x2 knight (idle and drawn)
x2 laser rifle (idle and aimed)
x2 MG (idle and aimed)
x2 musket (idle and aimed)
x2 pickaxe (idle and working)
x2 pistol (idle and aimed)
x1 radio
x2 rifle (idle and aimed)
x2 shotgun (idle and aimed)
x1 sitting
x2 sniper (idle and laying/aiming)
x2 spear (idle and drawon)
x2 sword (idle and swinging)
x1 zombie

All blockheads have yellowish skin, while having colorable clothing. Zombie has green skin.


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