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Awesome Colorset: Dark

Uploaded by Jirue
Jul 10th 2016, 2:15 PM


The perfect colorset to push your build's style over the edge, with an extreme set of dark, bold, and rich colors that will give your build a dark and eerie feeling. This colorset was very experimental and is not intended to be used for your every-day builds.

  • Standards: The same standard row for those little touches of light where you still need them
  • Dark Bolds: Super dark and super bold colors
  • Transparents: Murky transparent colors to suit your dark builds
  • Cools: A 5-color spectrum of cool tones with an extra 4 cool colors
  • Warms: A 5-color spectrum of warm tones with an extra 4 warm colors!
  • Greyscales: Standard greyscale with two transparent greys
  • Browns: A variety of different brown tones for various different things


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