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GUI Editor / Mission Editor

Uploaded by Queuenard
Support Mods
Dec 27th 2016, 3:20 PM


This pre-v21 add-on still has a working GUI editor and I'm surprised it has faded away since. With the GUI editor, you can modify individual GUIs including dragging individual components like buttons.

The mod will bind these two keys:

F10 (Open GUI editor)
F11 (Open mission/terrain editor)

To exit the GUI editor, you need to set the current GUI (middle box) to MainMenuGui, LoadingGui or PlayGui, depending on what you are currently doing.

If you try to use the mission editor in v21, you will get an error message.

The mission editor will obviously not work in v21, however it's not worth the effort removing the mission editor files. The mission editor is nevertheless provided as a courtesy for anyone who might want to play with terrain in v20 or earlier.

It seems to be the case that this was originally authored by GarageGames, distributed as a special add-on on the forum, then packaged as a normal add-on by Space Guy.

I recovered the add-on from SpaceGuy's website:


No updates approved.


No bugs reported.
Dec 25th 2019, 3:31 PM
actually i do recall using the mission editor in v21, however it was likely on a earlier revision (likely a 18xx revision)
Apr 6th 2017, 6:53 AM
its good to have a gui editor, but what will it be for? other ppl will probably need this addon to see the guis, and what would it even help in, i mean creating a gui is good but then how do i show it up in a server