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Crown Vic 2016

Uploaded by Teneksi
Mar 27th 2017, 8:00 PM


The Crown Vic 2016 (which I neglected to upload to Glass in 2016) is so drastically improved that it's entirely separate from the Crown Victoria!

It features new looks and handling, as well as a script that I wrote for all of my future vehicles, called Vehicle Edit Helper, or VEH! It is accessed with the command /veh and will be provided with each vehicle.

"But Eksi," you may be thinking, "what about CVS and /garage?" Well, as a text-based system (hold your scoffs for a moment), you don't have to download anything to use it. Furthermore, since it only exists to help you activate scripts which each individual vehicle provides, it's completely flexible!

Use /veh for:
Factory colors
Interior colors
Taxi style (painted vs. unpainted bumpers & whether toplight has an ad)
Police car controls reference
Police car liveries!


Genuinely working headlights! With a new script with assistance from Port, the headlight is as powerful and reliable as any player-mounted light. Minimum or better shaders are recommended.

Doors! Click to open or close, click and hold to get into that seat! Hold even longer to close the door behind you. Doors do not open while the seat is occupied.

Speedometer! When the needle is in the red, be careful with your steering or you'll start sliding. (Or, alternatively, be quick with your steering so you start sliding!) The dials light up when the headlights are on.

This file includes 4 vehicles.

Crown Vic LX
The standard, civilian car with nicer wheels and a more comfy ride
Crown Vic PI
A retired Police Interceptor, with steel wheels and stiffer springs
Crown Vic Taxi
Long, yellow, and unmistakably American
Crown Vic Police


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