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Simple/Classic Deathmatch LITE

Uploaded by piber20
Jun 28th 2017, 9:32 AM


This is a simplified and smaller version of DeathMatch GameMode.

Many features have been stripped out and cleaned up with the intention of simplifying the gamemode. The end goal is to leave the gamemode in a state where it could be mistaken as a default gamemode, or could be implemented into the game as-is by the creator of the game. (though unlikely)

  • Many features from the DeathMatch main version have been stripped out.
  • Addons included in the gamemode are no longer used, except for the akimbo rocket launcher which can be disabled.
  • Non-default items have "proxies," they're replaced by default items when spawned or given to players.
  • Maps made for the main version of DeathMatch should be compatable.


Version 2.1

July 12, 2017


No bugs reported.
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