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Simple RPChat

Uploaded by piber20
Server Mods
Dec 29th 2017, 3:21 PM


This is a feature from my work in progress LifeRP gamemode, but I thought it would be useful as a standalone add-on.

This is an RP chat system that is easier to use and doesn't require a bunch of commands just to use different chat modes.

Start your chat message with < to whisper.
End your chat message with ! to shout.

Change your rp name using /setname
You can provide a first, middle, and last name.

You can also set a nickname using /setnickname

The names you set will appear in chat, admins can control which ones by changing a pref. There are 5 possible options:

  • Username (basically no rp name system)
  • Nickname
  • Firstname
  • Firstname Middlename Lastname
  • Firstname "Nickname" Middlename Lastname

After chatting, your name and message will appear in 3d space. People who can hear you will have a !!! indicator show up on them and will see your message in chat.

Talk in normal chat to talk into RPChat.
Talk in team chat to talk OOC.
This can be flipped by changing a pref, making normal chat ooc and team chat rpchat.

OOC chat is exactly like default unmodded chat, except you gain an additional (OOC) tag next to your message.

As with most chat mods, this will likely be very incompatible with other mods that change how chat works. Talking OOC should be a bit more compatible though.

This uses fake shapename code by Carbon Zypher, the gamemode uses this for the text that appears in 3d space.


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