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Uploaded by Conan
Server Mods
Apr 4th 2018, 5:08 PM


Plate your cubescape terrain with a script instead of manually!

  • Use /plateBoxedTerrain (Admin-only) with a duplication box over a section of terrain to plate the terrain. Box must be aligned or else results may not be as expected. Plates will take the ownership of the brick they're planted on, so admins can plate other people's terrain without needing their trust.

  • Plates will only plan on top of bricks under the Cubes and Plain subcategory of the Baseplate category. They'll also be plated with the color of your paintcan.

  • /clearLastPlatedTerrain will clear the last set of generated plated terrain, while /clearPlatedTerrain will clear all generated plated terrain.

  • Placing bricks will lag on very big areas of terrain, but usually not more than for a few seconds (The picture above took 2-3 seconds for me, after scan). Be careful about doing it on too large of an area.


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[ FocalFlare ]
Jul 14th 2018, 2:29 AM
Crashed my game before it got to LOADING DATABLOCKS. This happens when hosting a server with it enabled, just like every other terrain generation add-on.