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Uploaded by Jes00
Apr 6th 2016, 9:25 PM


A beer bottle with two UI names so that you can choose which mode it starts at in the player's inventory. The player may right click to flip the bottle to use it's other mode. It has two modes:

When you take out the bottle, a snazzy bottle cap comes flying off. If used in drink mode, your screen will flash white and red(the amount depending on your alcohol level) and the bottle will be consumed and removed from your inventory. Your alcohol level will be raised by 0.06 every drink. If your alcohol level is below 0.3, you will gain 30 HP every time you drink beer. If it's 0.3 or above, you will loose 15 HP per drink.
If your alcohol level reaches 0.08, you will say random drunken messages now and then, plus you will sometimes moan and groan when you chat.
When your alcohol level hits 0.3, you will randomly pass out for a few seconds, now and then.
If your alcohol level gets to 0.6, you will die of alcohol poisoning.

You can flip the bottle upside down to use it as a weapon. It will deal 30 damage on first hit, then it will break and 10-25 pieces of glass will go flying, dealing 10 damage for each piece of glass that hits someone. After the bottle is broken it will deal 20 damage when it hits someone and it can no longer be switched back to drink mode.

A big thanks to Mr.Nobody for the models!

Note To Modders
If you make something alcoholic and want to use the same system as this, just copy Support_Alcohol.cs and use %player.increaseAlcoholLevel(%num); to increase a player's alcohol level.


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Hammer Editor
Apr 30th 2018, 3:57 PM
cool, but i wish that your vision got more and more wonky as you get drunk. but other than that, really cool.
Nov 2nd 2017, 12:00 PM
COOL MAN, messages not need!!! lolol but is cool! mesasages!
Jun 17th 2017, 12:58 PM
Drunken messages get really annoying and occur way too frequently.