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Volkswagen Amarok/Police

Uploaded by TheArmyGuy
Sep 23rd 2018, 7:29 AM


A large pickup truck with 5 seats. Comes in normal and police versions.
Heavy code and sound credit to Teneksi, check out his vehicles on Glass!

This vehicle is compatible with GasMod ( and VehicleDismount ( !

This vehicle has a large amount of extra features. A comprehensive list:
Daytime running lights (Press R)
Headlights (Press R twice)
Indicators (Press shift brick left or right)
Brakelights (Press space bar)
Reverse lights
Opening doors (click to open, needs interactive vehicle support), does not work when vehicle is moving
Opening hood and trunk (needs interactive vehicle support)
5 seats (compatible with support_VehicleDismount)
5 different bed options (use /veh)
Bullbar and lightbar options (use /veh)
Working fuel gauge (needs server_GasMod, optional and not required)
Working/integrated dash board with:
Daytime running light notifier
Headlight notifier
Fuel low notifier
Door open notifier

Shifter shifts into reverse when reversing
Police version has working emergency lights/siren (press +, shift brick away or shift brick towards)

Has actual car sounds!


Version 2.0.0

January 13, 2020

Version 1.2.0

September 29, 2018

Version 1.1.0

September 23, 2018


No bugs reported.
This add-on has some dependencies or add-ons that it requires to run:

Interactive Vehicle Support
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