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Star Trek Uniform Decals

Uploaded by Torak

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After looking at the other Star trek Decals, i found myself disappointed with them, so I decided to create my own Star trek uniform decals, based of uniforms from The Origional Series, The Next Generation, and Movie uniforms. Including Variants as well.

These are not just Command (Security in TOS) colored uniforms, The red parts of each uniform shown in the picture are in fact transparent, they can be made any color. Meaning you can have uniforms from any crew category, be it science/medical (blue), Engineering/Security (Red in TOS, Yellow in TNG), or command (Yellow in TOS, Red in TNG). You can even create your own custom uniform color. I apologize for the mismatched sides of the majority of the TNG/DS9/Movie Uniforms, i tried to fix that but couldn't, but please don't let that be a turn off.

Lastly, Please don't complain about them not being "blocko" enough. Although i kept blockland in mind when designing these, i primarily focused on making them look good, as the other star trek/ scifi decals just aren't good enough. Also, if you use any of these in blockland movies or youtube videos, please credit them to me.

The uniforms in this pack are: TOS Uniform, TNG Uniform, Generations/DS9 Variant, Captains Vest (from First contact), Enterprise E Uniform (First contact/Insurrection/Nemesis)

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