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Engine Sounds

Uploaded by Buddy

The add-on board icon. Support Mods
The add-on file name icon. Support_EngineSounds.zip
The add-on upload date icon. Jan 27th 2021, 2:15 AM
The add-on download count icon. 1,616


Required on both the server and the client. Check example.cs for a description on each variable

set $ES::DebugLevel to 1 to enable a bottom print debug for modifying vehicles. set $Pref::ES::EnableHandshakeMessage to true to enable version & handshake messages when you connect to a server that has Support_EngineSounds.

Comments (5)

2021-01-28 03:12:30
<color:ffffff>lets see if you can use HEX in Glass
2021-01-28 03:12:35
Nope you cant
2021-01-28 03:12:44
You can on the Blockland Forums though
2022-02-06 03:23:44
these are sounds for the engine
ristorante bar
2022-06-26 19:52:28