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Gangster & Cop Bots

Uploaded by Robbinson Block

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A few bots made with a friend and I's city RPG in mind.


This pack contains blue, red, green, and yellow themed gangsters. They are named after bottled goods: the Water Bottles, Ketchup Bottles, Relish Bottles and Mustard Bottles.


  • Mood Swings - Gangsters mostly behave semi-neutrally (they will attack you if you bump into them or hurt them,) but will at times suddenly become aggressive and attack any bots or players that are not in their gang. You can tell whether or not a gangster is having a mood swing by how he is holding his weapon; if his weapon is raised, he will attack you if he sees you. If his weapon is lowered, he will not attack you unless provoked. https://imgur.com/a/uzUBODd
  • Forced Friendships - Essentially, the opposite of infighting. If a gangster spots a cop or zombie, he will alert any other gangsters around him, regardless of gang, to help him. https://imgur.com/a/866irTC
  • Slayer Support - If in a Slayer minigame, gangsters will ignore teams whose color matches their gang color. The team color a gangster ignores is modifiable with an event.
  • Randomized Face - Gangsters will spawn with a random selection between these three default faces: memeBlockMongler, memeGrinMan, or memeHappy.
  • Randomized Skin Color - Gangsters might spawn white, tan, orange or black.
  • 175 Health - This makes it harder to just attack first and kill gangsters before they can react.


Only one variant. These are simple bots designed to combat gangsters.


  • Protects the Law - Cops are neutral (won't attack you if you bump them) to all players and bots except gangsters, who they attack on sight. https://imgur.com/a/ZBUj4Ij
  • More Randomized Faces - Cops spawn with a random selection between four default faces: smileyRedBeard2, smileyEvil1, BrownSmiley, and Male07Smiley.
  • Randomized Skin Color - Functions the same as with gangsters.
  • 175 Health - So they stand a chance against gangsters.


Slayer (If enabled)

  • SetSlayerTeamColor - Sets the Slayer team color that a gangster ignores.


  • ColorGangster - Recolors a gangster's hoodie and hat while preserving their randomized face and skin color.
  • SetCustomGangster - A convenience event that combines SetSlayerTeamColor, SetTeam, and ColorGangster. The checkbox toggles recoloring the gangster's clothing.


With Glass

  • Mood Swing Chance (Percentage) - Chance that gangsters will have a mood swing each tick (three seconds.) If set to 100, mood swings will be disabled and gangsters will behave as normal bots would.
  • Slayer Support - Whether gangsters or other bots will consider Slayer team when looking for targets.
  • Cops Attack Criminals - Whether or not cops will look for and attack gangsters.
  • Forced Friendships - Whether opposing gangsters will team up against zombies, cops, both, or neither.

Without Glass

You can also change the preferences listed above by entering the following commands into the console:

  • $GB::moodSwingPercent = ##;
  • $GB::slayerSupport = #;
  • $GB::copsPatrol = #;
  • $GB::forcedFriendships = #; (0 to disable forced-friendships, 1 for zombies only, 2 for cops only, and 3 for both.)

Variables will save to a file in /config/server/RobbMod/ if the server is shut down properly (with the Disconnect or Quit button, or by entering quit(); into the console) and automatically load next time the server is started.

For images of what the faces look like, check out the Blockland Forums post: https://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=327263.0

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