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Brick Zone Events

Uploaded by piber20

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The add-on file name icon. Event_BrickZones.zip
The add-on upload date icon. Apr 7th 2016, 1:26 AM
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Originally created by MeltingPlastic, completely overhauled by me to be more user friendly and easier to use, and to improve the existing features.

!!! ! Do not run Event_Zones and Brick_Zones with this ! !!!


Major changes/improvements over Zone Events and Zone Bricks: All content is in one addon, both the bricks and the events. ^ You can disable the bricks by changing $Pref::Server::BrickZoneEvents::EnableBricks to false and restarting the server.

You do not need to create zones manually. ^ When adding an event, the code will check if the input is zone related, then creates the zone for you. ^ When changing a zone property, if the zone does not exist, the code will add it for you.

Creating brick datablocks with zone properties should now be much easier. ^ This means more bricks with wacky effects!

Possible bug fixes! and maybe even bug additions! woo!


Brick zones allow you to add special properties to the inside (or even outside) space of a brick.

Zero gravity areas, boosters, suction cups, blowers, elevators, ice, mud, portal triggers, racing checkpoints... are all examples of what you can do with this mod.

In fact, there are some pre made bricks using zones already. Look for them in Special > Interactive and in Baseplates > Water / Gravity.



onPlayerEnterBrick -> Self -> setAppliedForce -> 0 0 4000 Make it invisible and have no collision, and now you got yourself a super strong air updraft!

No need to create a zone manually, it just works.


::FAQ:: ? - but i was usin zons to build in the AIR!!!!! A - Use the Mod Terrain bricks, you can set them invisible and build inside of them.

? - u didnt get promishion u STOL CONTET A - I could not find any contact for MeltingPlastic. Nonetheless, I did give credit and I feel like this could serve as an update. I don't think I'm doing any harm.

? - des don work rigt YOU AR WORST MODDR A - I can't fix it if I don't know the problem! Tell me in the comments!

? - i haev an idear A - Feel free to tell me it! I can't guarantee it will happen though.

? - zons brok and not wrk when i loaded old sav when i had old zons A - I'm sorry! You might have to rebuild or fix up your things. This is expected with an update.

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2019-08-21 21:26:32
I found two major bugs with these new events. First of all vce seems really broken on them, it keeps effecting the owner not the player in the brick. Second duping these zones with vce will break the vce and you have to manually re wrench the brick and send the events for it to work. Any fix?