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Better ModTer Collision

Uploaded by Dglider

The add-on board icon. Server Mods
The add-on file name icon. Server_ModTerCollision.zip
The add-on upload date icon. Jan 17th 2018, 2:34 AM
The add-on download count icon. 1,144


Submitted on BL Forums: March 28, 2017, 07:48:47 PM

This add-on adds better collision shapes for every default modTer brick. None shall pass.

Pros: Almost perfect collision with vehicles, players, projectiles, etc.

Cons: Uses 1060 datablocks. Increases modter brick loading time. Increases modter brick deletion time. Increases loading time when joining the server. The static shapes used for collision can lead to some instances of floating bricks.

Comments (1)

2022-04-04 03:48:33
Warning: This may lead to a significant FPS drop