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Selenium Lightpack

Uploaded by Videogames

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Have you ever tried to light up a huge build, or add streetlamps to your seemingly infinite road system, only to be disappointed by the default lights' lack of range and overall OpenAL crappyness?

The Selenium Lightpack aims to provide a variety of white and off-white lights at varying levels of brightness and range.

Selenium: the default light a bit larger than Player's Light. Selenium B :(bright) for when you need to light a slightly bigger area. Selenium F :(floodlight) a huge radius for large outdoor areas like roads. Selenium Ambient :No flare sprite, dimly lights a wide area.

White: (self explanatory). Warm: A yellowish light for a pleasant atmosphere. Warmer: A warm peachy glow that is easy on the eyes. Cold: Paints the atmosphere in an industrial-feeling blue hue. Colder: Makes you feel like your in some kind of ice palace.

Selenium Acid: Ambient yellow-green glow.

Selenium Fire A: Ambient static fire. Selenium Fire B: Ambient flickering fire.

Selenium Alarm Police: Flashing police lights. Selenium Alarm Ambulance: Flashing Ambulance/Fire lights.

[Theme-relevant suggestions are welcomed]

[Screenshots were taken with BlockCam which apparently makes a frame counter appear, and then said frames go crazy because of shader-setting spam. I might fix that later on...]

Comments (3)

Mr 64
2019-01-24 19:27:05
2019-05-16 16:12:01
Nice maps
2020-10-22 13:42:13
"overall OpenAL crappyness?" openal is the audio engine what does that have to do with street lamps :egg: