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Uploaded by crazey

The add-on board icon. Emitters
The add-on file name icon. Particle_CrazGrassGP.zip
The add-on upload date icon. Jun 20th 2018, 7:48 AM
The add-on download count icon. 923


CrazGrassGP is for gameplay purposes, like players hiding within the grass emitters. These particles last longer, but there are overall half as many as usual for smoother gameplay. Keep in mind, to make sure all players have the same gameplay experience, I disabled the "doDetail" setting, meaning no matter what you have your particle settings set to, it will always be the same amount of particles. I also disabled falloff, so you can't remove grass that way either. Therefor, everyone should have a similar experience when playing, no one can disable the grass and see players hiding in grass for instance. Use this one more carefully than CrazGrass! Don't forget about weaker PC's.

Comments (1)

King Tony
2018-10-07 16:18:43
Cool I need to check out your script because I'm tired of people getting an advantage for having a weaker PC