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Name Uploader Version Downloads
Simple RPChat

An RP chat system that is easier to use and doesn't require a bunch of commands just to use different chat modes.

piber20 1 188
Simplex Gen 2D

[GSF]Ghost 0.0.0 463
Simplified Key Hud

piber20 0.0.0 180

Sargeras 0.0.0 593

Setro 0.0.0 456
Stunt Plane Guns

Give your stunt planes a gun!

Conan 1.0.0 56
Team Life Tickets

Adds shared team lives (life pools) to Slayer.

Greek2me 1.0.0 106

Crown 1.0.1 461
Terrain Build Rules Plus

Allows use of smaller baseplates with Terrain Build Rules.

Queuenard 0.0.0 37
Toggle Links

Danny Boy 0.0.1 231