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Name Uploader Version Downloads
Terrain Build Rules Plus

Allows use of smaller baseplates with Terrain Build Rules.

Queuenard 0.0.0 52
Toggle Links

Danny Boy 0.0.1 250
Torch Lights

Cruxeis 0.0.0 541
Treasure Chest Vars

Jes00 0.0.0 229
Trench Digging Plus

Satisfy all of your digging needs, and more!

SadBlobfish 1.0.0 265
Unused Tier & Tactical Weapons Loader

Loads the unused T&T weapons.

Marios 1.0.1 286
Vehicle Brick Movement Flipping Server Script

Enables players to rotate vehicles they're driving by making use of their ghost brick movement controls.

piber20 2 297
Vehicle Timeout

Crown 0.0.0 267
Vehicles - Blow Up On Swim

Jes00 0.0.0 284
Vitas Attack

Simply put: this is cancer. Annoy the server with excerpts from Vitas - The 7th Element, including audio and centerprint images.

Queuenard 0.0.0 217