Client Mods

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Name Uploader Version Downloads
Development Tools

Jincux 1.3.0 421
Double Click Server Join

Jes00 0.0.0 504
Drop Down Search

Adds a quick search bar to those pesky drop down lists.

Zeblote 1.4 665
Duplorcator Keybind

Jes00 0.0.0 348
Dynamic Console

Honor 0.0.0 1030
Enable All Add-Ons

Crown 0.0.0 620
Extra BlocklandCEF Commands for Cinema

Fixes two broken and adds one CEF function for use in Cinemas

Stealth Commander 1.0.0 135
Full Precaching

Reduces load times by adding all local files to the cache.

Dglider 1.0.0 209
Full Screen Prompt

Danny Boy 0.0.0 324
GameMode Add-Ons Importer

Import add-on lists from other game modes into the custom game mode.

Jes00 1.0.2 31