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Name Uploader Version Downloads

Greek2me 4.1.4+release-20180721 3064
Slayer - Bounty Hunter

You're given a target that you must hunt down and kill, all while being hunted by others.

Greek2me 1.1.1+20140905 531
Slayer - Capture the Flag

Retrieve the flag from the enemies' base and return it to your own! CTF.

Greek2me 2.1.0 667
Slayer - Elimination

Greek2me 0.1.0 558
Slayer - One Man Army

One player is selected as the boss and fights all the other players. Boss battle.

Greek2me 1.0.1 499
Slayer - Territory

Control a certain percentage of capture points to win.

Greek2me 1.0.0+20140525 516
Snow Fort Wars

Build snow forts. Destroy snow forts. Throw snowballs.

Electrk 1.0.0 46
Terrain Freebuild

Freebuild + Terrain Build Rules

dargereldren 1.1.0-beta 750
The Underground War

Pie Crust 0.0.0 442
[DEMO] After Death

Block King124 0.0.0 483