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Name Uploader Version Downloads
Animated Hats

A support script for Jakeblade's Hatmod to allow animated hats!

Conan 1.0.0 817

Jes00 0.0.0 935
Baseplate Rules

Adds Baseplate Alignment and Adjacency Rules for building.

Boom 1.0.2 551
Blockland Glass

Jincux 4.3.2 23019
Brick Item Storage

Use your bricks to store items!

Dglider 1.0.0 419
Buildable Snow

Modifiable terrain-like snow.

Electrk 1.0.0 438
Default FOV Support

Checks for and sets the client's default FOV after they spawn.

Dglider 1.1.0 737
Engine Sounds

Adds the capability for vehicles to use engine sounds

Buddy 1.0.2 437
Escape Overlay

Nexus 0.0.0 1212

Sharing events for the future

McTwist 1.11.0 643