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Name Uploader Version Downloads
40k Imperial Guard Weapons

Tingalz 1.0.1 1239
Ammo Bow

Default bow that requires ammo

Conan 1.2 193

Simple, quick, and efficient.

bubuoom 1.0.0 638

Jes00 0.0.0 1211
Better Boombelt

This is a modification of the 2009 add-on "Boombelt", found on the RTB archives. The player will scream "allahu akbar" before detonating the belt.

Queuenard 0.0.0 284
Blockality Ammo

Sheepocalypse 0.0.0 1645
Blockality weapon pack

Sheepocalypse 3 3175
Burst Rifle

all you gotta do is pull the trigger

Kidalex 1.0.0 465
Bushido's Adventure Pack

A complete set of desert/military weapons

Conan 1.1.1 419
Carmelized Rocket Launcher

Not as OP as the Mini-Nuke tough!

Unmastered² 1.0.0 339