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Name Uploader Version Downloads
Armor Powerups

Phanto 0.0.0 418
Castle Grey Key

A medieval grey colored key

Lord Tony 1.0.0 26
Castle Key Pack

Collection of standard RGBY keys

Lord Tony 1.0.0 32
Castle Skeleton Key

A key that opens anything of any color.

Lord Tony 1.0.0 32

An item to show you which way you're looking!

Conan 1.1.0 119
Conan's Drinks

Build, serve, and consume beverages

Conan 1.1 178
DPS Meter

Find out a weapon's DPS!

Conan 1.1.0 284
Lego Island Pizza

Do not feed the brickster

Lord Tony 1.0.0 42
Plate Armor

Protect yourself.

irrel 1.0.1 250
Popcorn Item

Popcorn buckets perfect for a trip to the cinema

EcstaticEggplant 1.0.0 535