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Name Uploader Version Downloads
Armor Powerups

Phanto 0.0.0 707

Birdies for days.

RallyBlock 1.0.0 225

A SnapBuilds variance of electronics

Hologlaxer 1.1.0 153
Camcorder Remake

A re-invisioning of a classic movie-making add-on.

Mr .Annoying 0.2 92
Castle Grey Key

A medieval grey colored key

King Tony 1.0.0 176
Castle Key Pack

Collection of standard RGBY keys

King Tony 1.0.0 192
Castle Skeleton Key

A key that opens anything of any color.

King Tony 1.0.0 192

Smoke a fag

TheArmyGuy 2.0.0 340

An item to show you which way you're looking!

Conan 1.1.0 409
Conan's Drinks

Build, serve, and consume beverages

Conan 1.33 1039