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Name Uploader Version Downloads
Deeeep Shark

It's not a popsicle, it's a top-tier carnivore!

Pompmaker1 1.0.0 332
DOOM Marine Playertype


Cowboy Dude 1.0.0 483

The 22nd Century robot cat from the media franchise of the same name.

OfficerZach7551 1.0.0 262
Doraemon V2

Much better than the first one, Trust me.

OfficerZach7551 2.0.5 369
Dwarf Player

Jes00 0.0.0 443
Fallout Power Armor Playertypes

T-45d and T-51b now playable in Blockland!

Cowboy Dude 1.0.0 442
Freeze Tag Playertypes

Marios 1.3.1 385
Fully Customizable Anime Playertype

Customize your chan today.

Pompmaker1 4.0.0 347
Half-Life-Like Playertype

piber20 0.0.0 503
Hidden-Jet Player

This playertype goes with my Hide/Show command Add-On.

Gentle Spy 1.0.2 247