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Name Uploader Version Downloads
Vitesse Ettor

The old Bugatti "Bolt" Veyron. Done Right

NightHawk 1.0.0 78
Volkswagen Amarok/Police

A big pickup with tons of features

TheArmyGuy 2.0.0 970

The most fun you'll ever have with a vehicle.

Trogtor 1.0.0 1107
Wheeled Cannon

A wheeled cannon with multiple ammo types

Conan 1.0.0 1062
Willis Buccaneer

The founding father of sports utility vehicles!

NightHawk 1.0.0 95

Daniel.S 0.0.0 1231
[Vehicle] Baltimore Yielder

You know you've always wanted a golf cart

Radio Star 1.0.1 308