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Name Uploader Version Downloads
1996 - 2003 Sumitzu Sidewinder

A reliable Japanese sedan with an Inline-4.

SwiftHyena2593 1.1 256
Ban Gun

A gun that bans players on bullet collision.

Gentle Spy 1.0.0 98

i promised my twitter i would make it if i got to 50 followers

Failsafe Ziprar 1.0.0 278
GTA 3 Traffic Light

Traffic Light from Grand Theft Auto III

SwiftHyena2593 1.0.0 241

TiredFace's more sober, less stylized big brother

SoarNsquid 1.0.0 21
Railroad Crossing Light

For Railroad crossings, i guess?

SwiftHyena2593 1.0.0 229
Santa Morph

Turn anyone into Santa with one command.

Gentle Spy 1.0.0 116
SoarNsquid's Random FacePack 2

This time, all the faces are drawn using GIMP

SoarNsquid 1.0.0 88
The City of Cambridge

A large city map with tons of space to build, drive around, RP, etc.

SwiftHyena2593 1.0.0 330
Traffic Light 2 - Dual

A traffic light similar to ones found in Chicago.

SwiftHyena2593 1.0.0 236