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Server Mods

Name Uploader Downloads
Server - Set Nickname
You can change your fake nickname!
banana2 216
Admin Utilities
A bunch of commands for moderation and messing around
Zinlock 452
Hit Direction Indicator
Shows players the direction of incoming damage with HUD arrows.
Robbinson Block 347
Elo based name prefix
c[_] 373
Full Trust List
Host can give to player super full trust on server
banana2 296
Renderman V2 (reupload)
Older version of renderman pre 2012
Inco 401
fix ModModTer order please
rearranges ModModTer bricks
Original 546
Blockland Physics Extension Mod
Bricktronic 577
Inventory Sort
A simple script for moving items around without dropping them
Zinlock 395
epic space game announcements/adminpm
Hey, got a minute?
Kokonut 429
Port's NewBrickTool with pick function
Port's existing upgraded brick tool, but you can pick the brick you're looking a
TheArmyGuy 466
Death Counter
The amount of times a player has died is shown in their prefix.
Gentle Spy 480
Vehicle Console Editor
Used to increase development efficiency!
NightHawk 518
Blockland Drip
Get among some Blockheads
Conan 614
Mr.Annoying's Hats
My hatmod expansion.
Mr. Annoying 499
Mute Command
Admins can mute players either permanently or for a set time.
Gentle Spy 545
Customizable Health Bar
am I dead yet
Zinlock 608
Better Fetch
Allows admins to fetch dead players and fetch players to their camera.
Gentle Spy 551
Banish Command
Allows admins to banish players to the farlands.
Gentle Spy 534
Wanted System
A wanted/innocent system to determine whether a kill is justified or not.
Gentle Spy 620
Roll Random Player
Roll for a random player in the same minigame as you!
Permamiss 579
[Server] Blockland Gold
Become Blockland Gold subscriber!
Radio Star 606
get away from me
Zinlock 791
Command Teleport
Set up teleporters accessible through slash /commands
Felix 32 593
Advance Light Plus
Exactly the same as Advance Light, but now it has /listlights!
Original 781
Shapename Health Bar
It's this or a mounted neon image...
Kokonut 700
The base system for custom hats.
Mr.Noßody 1,112
Sun Spectre
Take control of other players and vehicles.
Dglider 711
No F8 Limits
Gets rid of the activate timeout that happens when you admin orb in a minigame.
Jes00 775
Custom Game Mode Name
Lets you set a custom game mode display name.
Electrk 834
Chat Icons
Allow users to pick chat icons to show in their clan prefix!
Conan 832
Better Brick Collision [KotaiCol]
Adds solid, server-sided, static shape cores to default bricks.
Dglider 961
Working Class
Allows you to give orbing permission without giving admin.
Sargeras 727
Use the console/Torquescript in the server chat using the $ symbol.
Jes00 1,014
CloneTroopers Hatmod
You need Hatmod addon to have the Clone Trooper Hats !
Starkya 644
New Paint Can
Adds more functionality to the paint can!
Trinko 1,093
Give me back my legbone!
Johansson 793
Colorset Avatars
Forces players' avatars to abide by the server's colorset.
irrel 671
Builder Ban
Ban players from building
Electrk 855
Cinema Tools
Tools to use with BlocklandCEF.
Stealth Commander 974
Nitro Oxide
A speed booster for your cool ride.
Hologlaxer 796
Discord Chat Pings
@mention people in chat!
Conan 989
Fort WarZ 2016
Deceased Box's old fortwars scripts from 2016.
Dargonov 711
Named and Colored Admin Orbs
Gives orbs player names and colors corresponding to player rank.
ProbablyDrenDran 711
Yet Another Moderator Addon
Module Loading! Player list updating! YAMA.
criti 834
Stunt Plane Guns
Give your stunt planes a gun!
Conan 829
Build railroads and drive trains!
Conan 1,948
Terrain Build Rules Plus
Allows use of smaller baseplates with Terrain Build Rules.
Queuenard 799
Ping Utilities
Two small utilities for admins to check user latency.
criti 802
Item Pickup Transparency
Lets you set the transparency of items when they're picked up.
Electrk 758
A barber mod that uses centerPrint and hairstyles made by Mr.Noßody
Quartz¹ 911
Astral Projection
Astral project and fly.
Bricktronic 816
Bullet Holes
bullet impacts ftw
Zinlock 1,073
Brick Tessellation
Bumpy bricks!
Jasa 1,351
Player Throwing
A better throw mod
Electrk 1,086
Server Lock
Lock your server to only certain users.
Dargonov 853
Quickly plate your 4x cubescape terrain!
Conan 1,103
Server Pref Commands
Some server prefs you can change with commands.
Blockbyte 858
Trench Digging Plus
Satisfy all of your digging needs, and more!
SadBlobfish 1,269
Admin Orb - Invisible
For those times when you just don't want to be noticed.
Dglider 1,548
Logs name, BLID, IP, and time stamps of join and leave.
Ide 889
Server Bounding Box
Keep em all fenced in!
Dglider 964
Better ModTer Collision
Almost perfect collision with vehicles, players, projectiles, etc.
Dglider 1,141
Team Life Tickets
Adds shared team lives (life pools) to Slayer.
Greek2me 986
Loading Tags
Displays if a player is loading or not.
Ide 968
Fetch & Find Display
Displays if an admin /fetch & /find someone
Ide 863
Water Instant Kill
Efficient drowning and vehicle totaling.
SadBlobfish 1,090
Simple RPChat
An RP chat system that is easier to use and doesn't require a bunch of commands
piber20 1,097
Reverse E-Tard
Whitelist your chat!
Conan 1,148
Environment Change Notice
Alerts everyone when an admin changes the environment settings, indicating who i
Jetz 1,144
Vehicle Brick Movement Flipping Server Script
Enables players to rotate vehicles they're driving by making use of their ghost
piber20 1,240
Enable All Add-Ons (Server)
This addon will enable and execute all server addons without needing to launch t
Queuenard 1,055
Ghost All Bricks
This addon makes a server push ghost updates on all of its bricks so that a clie
Queuenard 1,090
Get Ghost Brick
Bring your ghostbrick to yourself.
Crown 1,048
Log Writer
This add-on will log all chat/teamchat, connects/disconnects, bans and unbans.
Queuenard 1,077
Death Timer Upon Leaving Vehicle
Upon leaving vehicle, player is given 15 seconds to return before death
Permamiss 916
Jesus Mod
Walk on water and look cool
Rebldomakr 770
Unused Tier & Tactical Weapons Loader
Loads the unused T&T weapons.
Marios 1,186
Water Waves
Add some flair to your water with rising and falling waves!
TristanBomb 1,284
MinuteOnly Chat
Communication with chat has never been funnier.
vitawrap 982
Server_AmbientMusic (Server Music)
Addon which allows the Admins/Hoster to play Music universally.
FelipeO_O 1,230
Anti-Red Chat/Clan Tags
Prevent edgy players from making their clan tags, or chat, red
Setro 1,067
Admin Stealth Observing
Spy on people as admin without being spotted.
Marios 1,529
Punishment Logger
Logs past punishments of users.
Sargeras 1,047
Simple Mute
A dead-simple mute add-on
Electrk 1,249
Mail System
Bricks and items which allow you to send and receive mail.
[GSF]Ghost 2,901
Inspect Weapon
CS:GO, anyone?
Conan 1,660
Farlands Punish
Banish minges to the farlands!
Setro 1,230
Auto Vehicle Clear
Automatically clears vehicles every given ammount of minutes
AI 944
Private Messaging
Gentle Spy 0
Hide/Show Command for Admins
Don't want to be seen while administrating? Well, this is the add-on for you.
Gentle Spy 1,029
Wooden Sword
Changes the default sword to look like a wooden sword
Auartus 866
No Trust Invites
Prevent players from sending trust invites.
Crown 1,011
Larger Music Files
Raise the music file size limit
Queuenard 1,988
Renderman is a mysterious entity that haunts Blockland. Over the years, this ent
Lake 8,399
Vitas Attack
Simply put: this is cancer. Annoy the server with excerpts from Vitas - The 7th
Queuenard 1,051
AFK Kicker
Kicks out those AFK people!
Greek2me 1,569
Bypass Vehicle Color Trust
piber20 1,094
Choose Vehicle Menu
piber20 1,091
Chat Emotes - Extra CI
piber20 1,133
Chat Emotes - SiIvaGunner
Original 1,117
Chat Emotes - Emoji
Original 1,427
Brick Restriction System
Clay Hanson 1,119
Chat Emotes - Blockland Steam
piber20 1,224
Brick Redo
Clay Hanson 1,155
Chat Emotes - Blockhead
piber20 1,498
Chat Emotes - Blockland Forums
piber20 1,214
Chat Emotes Restored
piber20 1,869
Visolator 1,519
Dglider 1,276
Door Peeking
Clay Hanson 1,584
Discard Item
Conan 1,615
Jincux 1,243
Crouch Jumping
piber20 1,222
Simplified Key Hud
piber20 1,088
Weak Spear Throw
piber20 1,097
Legacy Doors Expanded
piber20 2,708
Playerlist Images Server
Gytyyhgfffff 1,072
New Keypad Events
Clay Hanson 2,248
Restrict Bricks
Jes00 1,080
FairFax 1,000
Sargeras 1,238
Prepper Orb
WhoooMan 941
Toggle Links
Danny Boy 1,103
Environment Control
Danny Boy 1,426
AFK Killer
Danny Boy 1,587
Anti Rapid Fire
Lake 1,199
Torch Lights
Cruxeis 1,511
Action Command
Sargeras 1,570
Crown 1,706
Building Blacklist
Peggworth the Pirate 1,086
Camera Control Advanced
Conan 1,885
Game Preferences Control
nul 1,093
Keep Tools on Death
nul 1,052
Click to Pick Up Items
nul 1,350
Brick Plant Cost
[GSF]Ghost 1,423
RPG Bot Tweaks
[GSF]Ghost 1,739
ModTer Interior Build Restrict
[GSF]Ghost 1,276
Simplex Gen 2D
[GSF]Ghost 1,420
Coin Mod
Xenos109 945
Whirlwind 1,527
ChatSystem - Local Chat and R
Conan 1,462
Procedural Terrain Generator
[GSF]Ghost 4,353
Peggy Footsteps
Peggworth the Pirate 3,491
Ghost Brick Owner Names
Jes00 1,223
Air Swimmer
Dglider 1,463
Individual Brick Count
Dannu 817
Flying In Style
Dannu 860
Interactive Vehicle Support
Barnabas 3,520
Custom Vehicle Support
Filipe1020 6,194
Brick Explosion
vitawrap 1,331
Limited Bricks
PurpleMetro 1,121
Cone 1,378
Server Polls
Ipquarx 1,101
Treasure Chest Vars
Jes00 1,101
Auto Item Loading
Jes00 1,121
Get Event Count
Jes00 1,069
Vehicles - Blow Up On Swim
Jes00 1,098
Crown 1,221
Item Rotate
Jes00 1,249
Map Properties Support
Nexus 1,348
Admin Chat
Jincux 3,082
Server Voting
Jincux 1,213
Destructo Wand Item
Jes00 1,167
MiniGame-Clear Items On Reset
Jes00 1,103
Crown 1,362
Military UI
Sargeras 1,171
Vehicle Timeout
Crown 1,135
Sargeras 1,611
Better Server Rules
Pecon 1,587
Setro 1,423
Advanced Personal Messaging
Setro 1,439
Setro 1,144
Setro 1,540
Force trust
Setro 1,132