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Client Mods

Name Uploader Downloads
A client mod that lets you "resize" bricks
Bricktronic 117
Buffer Overflow Fix
Fixes most Buffer Overflow crashes
Buddy 322
Reduce Event Lag
Reduces event lag when loading output parameter lists
Buddy 206
Event Descriptions
event description tooltips
Zinlock 265
URL to Clipboard
Copy all URLs on click instead of open in browser
Queuenard 248
NFS Most Wanted Pepega Chat Sound
Pepega Pings in your Chat
NightHawk 311
Screenshot Data
This addon writes server metadata in YAML format to a file every time a screensh
Queuenard 367
Faster Save Loading
Speeds up .bls load times
Zinlock 540
Main Menu Blockhead
Adds your Blockhead to the main menu
Masterlegodude 486
Lego Racers Ghost Brick Sounds
Replaces all 'ghost brick' sounds, with sounds from Lego Racers
Masterlegodude 454
Lego Racers GUI Mod
Stylizes your main menu after Lego Racers and includes music and sounds for the
Masterlegodude 463
Custom Nametag Font
Try setting it to Comic Sans MS Bold, 30
Kokonut 420
Custom Vehicle Support Keybinds
/garage, and /defaultparts, into keybinds!
NightHawk 462
Menu Sounds
Fixes "Menu Sounds" option not working
-Luigi- 519
Better FOV
Improves default FOV slider and adds third person FOV slider.
Gentle Spy 560
Server List IP
Adds a separate column to display server IP addresses
Jasa 515
Slayer Extra Saves
imagine being limited to 10 saves... cringe
Zinlock 560
Reconnect Button
Reconnect to the server that you're on, or restart a server you are hosting with
Cruxeis 717
Activate Bind
Open doors while holding the paintcan. Impress friends and loved ones!
Kokonut 747
Server Password Memory
Remembers the password for servers so you don't have to
Jasa 709
Camera Crosshair
Makes your crosshair not disappear when you're admin orbing.
Jes00 765
GameMode Add-Ons Importer
Import add-on lists from other game modes into the custom game mode.
Jes00 864
Quicksave Bricks
Save the bricks in a keypress
Stealth Commander 722
Windows 8 Metro Theme (Put on hold)
Gives Blockland a flat look from 2012!
Chazpelo 839
Extra BlocklandCEF Commands for Cinema
Fixes two broken and adds one CEF function for use in Cinemas
Stealth Commander 935
A GUI to help you manage shaders.
Dargonov 967
Add-on Favorites
Now you can summon all your favorite add-ons in one nifty GUI!
Trinko 982
Click faster than ever before!
Heck 1,297
mousefire(); Keybind
Keybind for the console command 'mousefire();'
Blockbyte 818
Map System (Pirate RPG)
A plugin for the Map System GUI to show a map for Heedicalking's PRPG.
Queuenard 1,181
"BugMeNot" popup/dialog blocker!
Automatically block those annoying popups on your screen from servers!
Setro 1,085
Full Precaching
Reduces load times by adding all local files to the cache.
Dglider 1,020
Dark Mode for Blockland Glass
Make things dark!
Crown 1,368
Scratch Beta
Make scripts out of building blocks.
Clay Hanson 1,298
Avatar Favorites Keybinds
Get naked quicker than ever!
SadBlobfish 1,395
Adaptive Shaders
Adjusts your shader quality based on your framerate
Jasa 1,585
Bricks Emote Keybind
A key bind for the bricks emote.
Blockbyte 1,004
Wider Playerlist
Makes the playerlist wider to read more stuff!
Crown 1,186
Re-authentication button
Adds a re-authentication button to the main menu
Queuenard 1,043
Longer chat messages
Send longer chat messages up to 256 characters
Queuenard 1,229
Blockland service checker
Is Blockland down????
Visolator 1,102
Rebind Console Key
Hate using `/~? You can now change the console key to something else
Visolator 955
Heightmap Generator
A client-sided heightmap generator.
[GSF]Ghost 1,147
Brick Searching
Adds a searchbox to the brick menu
Crown 2,059
Classic Theme
A Windows 95/98/2000-esque theme.
Probiotic yoghurt 1,132
Show Bricks Keybind
Tired of typing clientcmdshowbricks(1);? Well not anymore!!
Gentle Spy 1,057
Sorted Brick List
Sorts the brick list by X, Y and Z sizes so that bricks are logically sorted in
Queuenard 1,086
Loadingscreen Music
Glass overlay add-on to play music when loading a server.
Pie Crust 1,436
Glass on Chat HUD
Lazy people like me who don't want to open the overlay, this is for you!
Pie Crust 1,006
Modern GUI
the Blockland GUI, only newer
eblu 1,030
Drop Down Search
Adds a quick search bar to those pesky drop down lists.
Zeblote 1,767
Several functional enhancements for the JoinServerGui
Queuenard 1,181
Make Events Great Again
ProbablyDrenDran 1,481
Queuenard 1,210
Command Aliases
Clay Hanson 1,079
Blockland Glass In-Game Room
Clay Hanson 1,300
Name Completion
Crown 1,191
Clay's Notepad
Clay Hanson 1,208
Custom Chat
TheBlackParrot 1,879
Ban Favourites
Danny Boy 1,372
Rejoin Server
Jes00 1,295
Quit Prompt
Jes00 1,164
Double Click Server Join
Jes00 1,420
Full Screen Prompt
Danny Boy 1,168
Custom Resolution
Danny Boy 1,618
Cmd Enter Fullscreen Disable
Jes00 1,162
Better Shadow Control
Cruxeis 1,757
Chat Sound
nul 1,413
Custom Game Menu - Search
Jes00 1,355
Main Menu Wallpaper
Jes00 1,531
Old Faithful
CommunistSquared 1,167
Chat logger
Visolator 1,374
Teamspeak Integration
ZSNO 1,121
Development Tools
Jincux 1,271
Server Command GUI
Nexus 1,296
Dynamic Console
Honor 1,810
Block Cam
elm 1,520
Wider Centerprint
Crown 1,195
nul 1,165
Advanced Server List Filter
Jes00 1,703
Boss Battles Client
Pecon 2,009
Auto Respawn
Jes00 1,566
Toggle Player Chat
Jes00 1,080
Inventory Numbers
Jes00 1,305
Too Many Bricks Inventory
Nexus 2,110
Warp Keybind
Jes00 1,206
Duplorcator Keybind
Jes00 1,192
Destructo Wand Keybind
Jes00 1,164
Toggle Zoom
Nexus 1,139
Burnt Glass Theme
Greek2me 1,792
Enable All Add-Ons
Crown 1,533
Apply All
Visolator 1,395
Client Coordinates
Setro 1,454