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Client Mods

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Name Uploader Downloads
A client mod that lets you "resize" bricks
Bricktronic 147
Buffer Overflow Fix
Fixes most Buffer Overflow crashes
Buddy 332
Reduce Event Lag
Reduces event lag when loading output parameter lists
Buddy 219
Event Descriptions
event description tooltips
Zinlock 280
URL to Clipboard
Copy all URLs on click instead of open in browser
Queuenard 280
NFS Most Wanted Pepega Chat Sound
Pepega Pings in your Chat
NightHawk 319
Screenshot Data
This addon writes server metadata in YAML format to a file every time a screensh
Queuenard 371
Faster Save Loading
Speeds up .bls load times
Zinlock 571
Main Menu Blockhead
Adds your Blockhead to the main menu
Masterlegodude 519
Lego Racers Ghost Brick Sounds
Replaces all 'ghost brick' sounds, with sounds from Lego Racers
Masterlegodude 461
[1] 2 3 4 5 6 ... 9 10