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Name Uploader Downloads
Main Menu Music
Music in the main menu.
Kokonut 532
Bindable Inventory
Bind your inventory to whatever key you want!
Permamiss 601
Play on dungeons using this
Gytyyhgfffff 769
Death Run GUI
In-game store and enhancements
BI0Hazzard 684
CRP Client
A user interface required to play on CRP servers
Jasa 1,248
Climbing Client for Lord Tony's Medieval RPG
You need this client to be able to climb.
King Tony 1,012
Minigolf Client
A client mod required to play Minigolf
Jasa 1,727
Pirate RPG Client
Required to play the Pirate RPG
Heedicalking 1,099
Map System
Map System showing player location on 2D maps including support for 3rd party ma
Queuenard 1,376
Wicked's CityRPG Client
The required client for playing on Wicked's CityRPG
Crown 1,762
Bloky's CityRPG Client
Required Client for my City RPG
Bloky 1,140
Suburbia Client (beta)
Run with the dogs tonight
Gytyyhgfffff 1,164
Slayer Client
The Slayer game mode system client.
Greek2me 1,625
Jailbreak Client
The client for Crown's Jailbreak
Crown 6,975
Rise of Blockland
Crown 2,369
Jailbreak Logs
Crown 1,642
Base Raiders Client
Jes00 2,374