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Support Mods

Name Uploader Downloads
Custom CDN
Use this to tell Blockland where it can find downloadable files from servers tha
Queuenard 345
Configurable Melee Lunge System
Give your weapon a lunge action when you use it
Masterlegodude 338
Improved 'Up' and 'Eye' Vector Outputs
Improves the 'getUpVector' and 'getEyeVector' player outputs
Masterlegodude 325
Engine Sounds
Adds the capability for vehicles to use engine sounds
Buddy 1,461
A shoe version of Hatmod!
Conan 687
Buildable Snow
Modifiable terrain-like snow.
Electrk 820
Brick Item Storage
Use your bricks to store items!
Dglider 804
Fix Add-On Sorting
This add-on fixes client and server add-on execution order and the custom game G
Jes00 776
Baseplate Rules
Adds Baseplate Alignment and Adjacency Rules for building.
Boom 921
Sharing events for the future
McTwist 1,060
Animated Hats
A support script for Jakeblade's Hatmod to allow animated hats!
Conan 1,220
Default FOV Support
Checks for and sets the client's default FOV after they spawn.
Dglider 1,146
Fast Admin Orb
Fast Admin Orb raises the movement speed to 200, from default 40.
Queuenard 1,182
A smoother health bar with more features!
Visolator 1,726
Support_Updater Privacy
Support_Updater by Greek2Me, a component of many mods including Blockland Glass,
Queuenard 1,050
GUI Editor / Mission Editor
Queuenard 1,646
Escape Overlay
Nexus 1,601
Theme Engine
Greek2me 2,263
Jes00 1,346
File Manager
Nexus 1,495
Blockland Glass
Jincux 53,720