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Name Uploader Downloads
Event - Input
Adds events that can load and delete public blocks
banana2 167
Event - Cmd
Commands may become events too!
banana2 225
Event - Look At Inputs
Made players can add events that activates/deactivates when you look at block!
banana2 257
Event - Public File
Adds events that can load and delete public blocks
banana2 252
Event: Password
Addings event Password
banana2 333
Event Random
Players can do Randomizer with that event
banana2 360
Storage Events
Store items in bricks with this event!
Conan 490
This is the unofficial update and patch to VCE!
Monoblaster 600
Simple Keypad Events
Simple keypad events so you don't have to use VCE!
Conan 491
Force bots or players to start skiing!
Felix 32 580
Toggle doors with closeCW and closeCCW events.
Knox 711
Add Tier+Tactical Ammo
Stop looting dead guys!
Panopticon 795
Bot - PlaySound
Plays sounds on bots, just like you would a player or brick.
Xenos the Red 822
Bot - Tumble
Cowtastic 867
Emitter Transform
Shift, rotate, and scale your emitters with events!
Conan 898
Player Nametag Color & Distance
Disguise as the other team?
Kokonut 770
Treasure Chest Extension
Adds extended functionality for the default treasure chest brick.
Jes00 769
Check Score
End the evil reign of VCE!
Kokonut 809
Adds the input event onTeamWin(Team#)
Jes00 846
Keypad Events
Create keypads with secure passwords!
Jetz 806
Make a brick owned by someone else without giving it up.
McTwist 1,011
The old Add-On makes comeback with enhanced performance. You pick the onRelays t
McTwist 1,200
Bot Invulnerability Events
Events for setting/toggling a bot's invulnerability
Electrk 1,160
setVehicle without respawn
This add-on will add an output event "setVehicleWithoutRespawn" that allows a ve
Queuenard 951
Set the image trigger for bots and players!
Conan 1,103
Add Field of View Event
Increases/decreases the user's FOV by a specified amount.
EcstaticEggplant 1,013
Output Event - set2DCamera
Makes the camera follow the player like in 2D platformers.
Electrk 1,493
Relative Events
A more powerful teleport event, at the moment.
Super Suit 12 1,087
Sports Events
Sports Events, but actually just one right now.
nul 1,101
piber20 1,076
Disty 997
Jes00 1,207
Event Restrictions
Clay Hanson 1,193
Useful Events
Clay Hanson 1,373
Event - SetCheckPoint
Danny Boy 1,530
Event - Set Field of View
Danny Boy 1,440
Zombie Infection Events
Jes00 1,482
Set Random Print Num
Jes00 1,278
Jes00 1,685
Jes00 1,295
Jes00 2,053
Bot - setRandomZombieAppearanc
MenderMan 1,576
SetPlayerLight Event
nul 1,090
ChangePlayerLight Event
nul 1,197
Friendly Fire Event
nul 1,132
Day Night Cycle
[GSF]Ghost 1,953
Event Bind Action
nul 1,218
Jes00 1,302
Morse Code Events
TheBlackParrot 1,130
PTG Events
[GSF]Ghost 1,384
setTransform Event
Dglider 1,442
Item Saving - Teams
Jes00 1,229
Brick Zone Events
piber20 1,789
Super Mario 65 1,463
Tick Events
Pecon 1,236
Bot - Can Pickup Items
Jes00 1,543
MiniGame - ClearAllCheckpoints
Jes00 1,148
Set Random Speedkart
Jes00 1,046
Set Random Color
Jes00 1,142
Bot - canMountVehicles
Jes00 1,587
Server Events
Greek2me 1,599
TotalRPG Events
Pecon 1,666