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Name Uploader Downloads
8x8 Terrain Paths Ext.
Same 8x8 bricks but on the water layer.
RallyBlock 129
8x8 Terrain Paths
8x8x10 terrain for use with 4x4 cube terrain
RallyBlock 138
Gears and Such
Giant gear bricks
Queuenard 127
Speedrun Flag
Speedrun from checkpoint to checkpoint!
Conan 178
Coffee Mug Print
Another quickie.
Kokonut 172
1x2f Half-round Print
Surprised this wasn't a thing.
Kokonut 178
OfficeChair Plus
Extra variants of Daniel.S's office chair bricks
Conan 206
Brick Ozymandias Statue
My name is Ozymandias, king of kings; look on my words, ye mighty, and despair!
Swholli 288
Vine Bricks
A set of smallbricks-styled vine bricks to make building vines easy!
Conan 408
[ModModTer] Chisel Pack
You use this for the ramp in SpeedKart's Hydro Plant.
Original 371
[ModModTer] 90° CornerC Pack
Adds 20 variations of a simple rotation of the CornerC brick.
Original 359
A more convenient and visually appealing way to work at heights.
Ghostfire 385
A small pack of guardrail bricks to spice up your highway builds.
Ghostfire 339
Block Poles Scuffed
Extra curved bricks
Kokonut 409
[Brick] Pole Adapters Extra
more pole bricks
Radio Star 424
Expansion pack for ModTer
Original 587
[Brick] Small Bricks² Extra
more small bricks yep
Radio Star 492
Technic Bricks
Bricks with holes in them.
Kokonut 533
Clean Grills
I can't think of a good one-liner for this.
Kokonut 599
Praise be yer nation!
Kokonut 553
1x Cube
No, really! Cubical for real!
Kokonut 532
Speedrun-compatible treasure chests
The default treasure chest, except timed and resettable
TheArmyGuy 448
[Brick] Small Bricks²
Many existing small bricks collected from many random addons into one.
Radio Star 560
Ocean Pack
A small bundle of ocean-themed bricks.
Sentry 471
[Brick] Small Bricks Extra
Bigger sizes of small bricks
Radio Star 584
Control Bricks
A set of control bricks that fit and overlap within a 1x1f, for compact event co
Conan 726
[Brick] Bowling Pin
Hey cousin! Want to go bowling?
RockyDoctor64 588
[Brick] Bevel Bricks Extra
Many variants of bevel bricks
Radio Star 607
[Brick] Billboard Bricks
Big, printable bricks
Radio Star 586
[Brick] Bot Holes Extra
3 more sizes of blockhead spawn
Radio Star 681
New Pipe Bricks
New and Improved!
dahscout 481
[Brick] Textured Topless Ramps
Topless ramps but with default textures
Radio Star 596
Cubescape Optimizer
Optimize your cubescape builds!
Conan 666
Mason detail brick
A detailed 1x2 brick to add some spice to your walls
TheArmyGuy 721
[Brick] Cocaine
A brick of cocaine
Radio Star 858
Toilet Paper
Stock up now before it's all sold out!
Conan 963
Glass Panes Extra
Extra glass panes for all your building needs!
Conan 886
Kotai - ModTer 4xPack
Collision core pack for ModTer 4xPack
Dglider 752
Chest Doors
Like the prop brick but better
Kokonut 943
Body pillows for the uninitiated
Conan 1,005
Seamless Tiles
Create your own tile plates
RallyBlock 999
Tile Plates
Emil's tile plates remastered
RallyBlock 1,161
Wainscoting Bricks.
A selection of wainscoting bricks to decorate your builds.
FlavouredGames 999
Card reader
A brick to use with keycards
TheArmyGuy 1,112
Plate Walls
For people that want different colored walls in a house within a small space.
RallyBlock 1,030
1x1 Print Cube [ModTer]
A 1x1 Brick w/ ModTer Prints
Psychedelic 992
1x1 Print Cube
A 1x1 Brick w/ Prints
Psychedelic 1,027
Random assortment of bricks.
DessertSource 1,218
Flipped Rounds
1x1 rounds flipped.
DessertSource 869
Brown Chest w/ Paintable Lock
A variant of the default chest that's brown and the lock can be painted
Masterlegodude 1,010
Road Decoration Pack
Traffic cones, traffic lights oh my!
DessertSource 1,335
Drawers & Cabinets
Some interactive bricks that look like drawers and cabinets!
[insert name here] 1,659
32x Roads & Ramps
Roads and road ramps for Modter
[insert name here] 1,298
To microwave food.
[insert name here] 1,435
Road markings
A set of 'decals' to decorate road bricks with.
TheArmyGuy 1,133
Small Ramps Plus
A small ramp extension pack.
DessertSource 1,512
Filing Cabinet
File some files
[insert name here] 1,271
Modular Window Frame pack
Make windows of any shape and size.
DessertSource 1,249
Half Rounds
<Add-on no longer supported> Vertical semicircles.
DessertSource 1,284
Door Frames
Meant for use with Demian's frameless doors.
DessertSource 1,535
Thick Poles Plus
New thick poles complete with their own adapters.
Trinko 1,358
4x Mod Ter (No Overlap)
A fix for the 4x overlapping with larger ModTer bricks
Trinko 1,029
Fake Chest
A fake Treasure Chest
Mr.No├čody 1,017
Body Parts
Player body parts in brick form!
RallyBlock 2,259
Small Bricks Extension [0.5x]
Centered 0.5x small bricks
Jam Jar 1,588
Inverted Round Edges
For all those times you wanted to create a hole in the floor
RallyBlock 1,225
Half Arches
Default arch bricks cut in half!
RallyBlock 1,683
Ladder Brick
A stackable smart ladder brick
Conan 1,919
Vending Machine
Filled with junk food
[insert name here] 1,697
1x1 Round Print Brick
Roll up your letters!
Conan 1,794
static e
Conan 1,104
Terrain Cubes
This is a series of "terrain cubes" that align on the Z axis to multiples of 2,
Queuenard 1,321
x48f brick pack
This is a small series of bricks that includes bricks that are 48 studs long and
Queuenard 1,022
x48 brick pack
This is a small series of bricks that includes bricks that are 48 studs long.
Queuenard 1,252
More Gravestones
Adds more gravestones
piber20 1,879
Modified ModTer
Reorganizes ModTer bricks and fixes print proportions for 4x ModTer
piber20 1,601
Default Fence Extras
A Pack Made by Conan and RallyBlock
RallyBlock 2,893
Painting Bricks
Make better paintings!
Conan 1,900
Vending Machine Bricks
A set of modular bricks to build vending machines
Conan 2,211
Vertical F-Round Prints
1x1f and 2x2f made vertical and with prints on them
Masterlegodude 1,418
53x Height
52 bricks that are 53 bricks high.
Queuenard 1,124
40x Height
52 bricks that are 40 bricks high.
Queuenard 1,215
30x Height
52 bricks that are 30 bricks high.
Queuenard 1,356
20x Height
52 bricks that are 20 bricks high.
Queuenard 1,448
15x Height
52 bricks that are 15 bricks high.
Queuenard 1,850
10x Height
52 bricks that are 10 bricks high.
Queuenard 2,166
8x Height
52 bricks that are 8 bricks high.
Queuenard 1,259
6x Height
52 bricks that are 6 bricks high.
Queuenard 1,403
4x Height
52 bricks that are 4 bricks high.
Queuenard 1,436
2x Height
52 bricks that are 2 bricks high.
Queuenard 1,923
Industrial Light
Heavy duty lighting
The Brighter Dark 1,905
1x4 Print Brick and Print Plate
A 1x4 brick and 1x4 plate with their own prints
Masterlegodude 1,708
Lego House Door
Based on the classic Lego house door
Masterlegodude 1,307
Glass Doors
A small pack containing 3 different glass door bricks
Masterlegodude 2,305
Window Shutters
Shutter bricks to be used with Barnabas' window bricks.
Masterlegodude 2,269
x64f brick pack
A small series of bricks that includes bricks that are 64 studs long and flat.
Queuenard 1,215
x64 brick pack
A small series of bricks that includes bricks that are 64 studs long.
Queuenard 1,228
x32f brick pack
A small series of bricks that includes bricks that are 32 studs long and flat.
Queuenard 1,171
x32 brick pack
A small series of bricks that includes bricks that are 32 studs long.
Queuenard 1,307
Slab bricks
Baseplates that are 1 brick, 2 bricks or 3 bricks tall.
Queuenard 1,408
House Bricks
Unturned style house bricks
Daniel.S 1,989
8x8 Print Plate
An 8x8 Print Plate
Mr.No├čody 1,318
Base Bricks
Just like Base Plates, but 3 plates thick
Mr.No├čody 1,397
Lock Bricks
A pack of Lock Bricks
Mr.No├čody 1,582
Bevel Bricks V2
A pack of beveled bricks
Mr.No├čody 2,008
Spiderweb Bricks
A small pack of spider webs
Mr.No├čody 1,436
16x Arch
The Brighter Dark 2,093
Spire Bricks
The Brighter Dark 1,555
Extra Grill Bricks
The Brighter Dark 2,211
1x1 Rounds Full
piber20 2,274
1x1F Round Print
piber20 1,768
Air Cubes
piber20 1,469
Christmas Brickpack
Ostinyo 1,541
Plate High Print Ramps
TheTurtorn 1,556
Plate High Ramps
TheTurtorn 1,680
Moai Bricks
Phanto 1,469
Safe Bricks
Conan 2,224
Conan 1,987
Pipe Bricks
Conan 2,695
BDIV's Portal Brickpack
BlackDragonIV 2,563
BDIV's 2x2 Wedge Bricks
BlackDragonIV 3,224
BDIV's Filler Brickpack
BlackDragonIV 3,471
BDIV's Brickpack
BlackDragonIV 4,354
Wedge Music Bricks
RallyBlock 1,410
WM Grill Plates
WhoooMan 1,582
Jirue's Bricks (3x Height Bric
Jirue 2,821
Printable Water Bricks
Jes00 1,673
Conan 1,930
Garage Door
Conan 2,350
Security Camera
Conan 2,808
Short Range Music Bricks
nul 1,374
Diagonal Water Bricks
nul 1,299
Demian's Basic Brickpack 3
Demian 2,053
Demians Basic Brickpack
Demian 2,130
Demian's Basic Brickpack 2
Demian 2,123
Temper's X2F Height Bricks!
Temper 1,075
BLB switches
TheArmyGuy 2,235
Extra doors
TheArmyGuy 3,219
Extra doors 2
TheArmyGuy 3,252
Mini Empires Pack
CommunistSquared 1,816
DnD MERP Expansion Pack
CommunistSquared 1,645
Topless Ramps
CommunistSquared 1,591
Quarter Road Bricks
Dglider 1,617
L Shaped Bricks
piber20 6,996
Old-Style Window Pack
Barnabas 2,657
Treasure Chest Prop
Jes00 1,379
Jes00 1,329
Crate Bricks
Jes00 2,280
4x Spawn Brick
Jes00 1,576
1x2 Castle Wall
Jes00 1,742
Spawn Plate
Jes00 1,431
Sargeras 1,431