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Name Uploader Downloads
8x8 Terrain Paths Ext.
Same 8x8 bricks but on the water layer.
RallyBlock 157
8x8 Terrain Paths
8x8x10 terrain for use with 4x4 cube terrain
RallyBlock 169
Gears and Such
Giant gear bricks
Queuenard 157
Speedrun Flag
Speedrun from checkpoint to checkpoint!
Conan 193
Coffee Mug Print
Another quickie.
Kokonut 191
1x2f Half-round Print
Surprised this wasn't a thing.
Kokonut 200
OfficeChair Plus
Extra variants of Daniel.S's office chair bricks
Conan 244
Brick Ozymandias Statue
My name is Ozymandias, king of kings; look on my words, ye mighty, and despair!
Swholli 308
Vine Bricks
A set of smallbricks-styled vine bricks to make building vines easy!
Conan 457
[ModModTer] Chisel Pack
You use this for the ramp in SpeedKart's Hydro Plant.
Original 388
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