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Name Uploader Downloads
Lunge Sword
Mostly meant as a template for my Melee Lunge system
Masterlegodude 324
[Weapon] Soldier's Painis
Prepare Ur Ainus!
RockyDoctor64 354
7.62 AKM Firearms Pack
Not one, not two, but three!
DA1K1RA 434
M110 Covert Sniper Rifle
Kill enemies silently, from a distance
DA1K1RA 347
TTA Weapon Pack
A weapon pack based around a flash game
Knighticus 400
RallyPack Drum Shotgun
Boom Boom BOom
Kidalex 408
Roblox Weapons
Weapons from Roblox.
Raulix 552
Wolfenstein 3D Pack
Various weapons and items from Wolfenstein 3D
Fastmapler 638
POW Glove
A melee spring-loaded boxing glove with properties of a rocket launcher
NightHawk 541
Marker Lasers Pack
A set of auto-charging laser weapons and drone, with auto-aim support!
Conan 701
[Weapon] Rallypack UMP45
RockyDoctor64 572
[Weapon] Rallypack Sterling
RockyDoctor64 574
[Weapon] Rallypack P90
you are idiot maan! Rush B i said!
RockyDoctor64 587
[Weapon] Rallypack Tommy Gun
RockyDoctor64 567
Grenade Pack
big boom wow
Zinlock 964
Admin Gun
The Gmod Admin gun now in Blockland!
Trogtor 824
Bloko Blunderbuss
Yester-century's M16.
Mr. Annoying 719
Dragon Longsword
A very powerful sword.
wrestlingfan69 694
Overpowered automatic rifle that jams.
wrestlingfan69 640
Autoscatter mk.2
Actually default-style semi-auto shotgun.
wrestlingfan69 733
Pew pew pew!
NightHawk 791
Extremely Modern Warfare 2
The future is black. And white. With a little bit of grey here and there.
Phanto 789
Dual Rocket L
Independently-fired akimbo Rocket L!
wrestlingfan69 719
Maldito Pistols Pack
A bunch of overpowered arcade-style pistols.
wrestlingfan69 665
Bloko Stealth Gun
A silenced gun to pick your your enemies off with, little to their knowledge...
Mr. Annoying 675
[Weapons] Aebaadcode's Adventure Pack Remaster
Remaster of Adventure Weapon Pack
Radio Star 806
Sawn-Off Pistol
Packs a punch (in your pocket!)
Kokonut 825
Bunk Buster
The long-ranged high ground ass-kicker.
Trogtor 919
[SWep] Default skins
Default style weapon skins for the base SWep pack
TheArmyGuy 830
Old School Weapon Expansion
An expansion pack to my other old school weapon pack. Includes a bunch of old RT
Knighticus 816
[SWep] Staccato R pistol
An STI Staccato R pistol on a 1911 base
TheArmyGuy 710
Sawn-Off Rifle Kai
Watch the ricochet!
Panopticon 681
Frog's WWII Weaponry
Back when wood furniture was cool...
Panopticon 851
Frog's Weaponry
The future of warfare, maybe.
Panopticon 1,081
Impact Rifle
This'll leave a mark.
Panopticon 703
An axe that fakekills bricks, and realkills enemies.
Mr. Annoying 793
Tier+Tactical - Sniper Skins
Best keep yappin' that bloody mouth!
Panopticon 849
Tier+Tactical - SMG Skins
Doubles as a swiss-cheese maker, too
Panopticon 945
Tier+Tactical - Shotty Skins 2
What? It IS groovy!
Panopticon 903
Tier+Tactical - Shotgun Skins
Panopticon 967
Tier+Tactical - Rifle Skins 2
Hell, this takes me back...
Panopticon 975
Tier+Tactical - Rifle Skins
DISCLAIMER: Fine pink mists are not edible, but they are tasty.
Panopticon 948
Tier+Tactical - Pistol Skins
I feel like I'm gonna break this thing.
Panopticon 935
Tier+Tactical - MP Skins
Machine Pistol. If we could skin mana points, we would, though.
Panopticon 868
Tier+Tactical - Magnum Skins
Percussive maintenance's polar opposite
Panopticon 955
Tier+Tactical - LMG Skins
Metal Storm up all ins!
Panopticon 824
Tier+Tactical - Dualies Skins
Double your trouble!
Panopticon 832
Tier+Tactical - Bullpup Skins
One bullet can miss, but three're bound to hit
Panopticon 864
Tier+Tactical - Melee 2
I can't hear you over MY CHAINSAW
Panopticon 1,152
Tier+Tactical - Melee 1
I've always wanted to be an ice axe murderer.
Panopticon 1,309
Tier+Tactical - Medical 1
Not a weapon per se├óÔéČÔÇŁmore like doctor assisted homicide.
Panopticon 1,043
Tier+Tactical - Explosive 2
Need glue? Make thin red paste
Panopticon 1,044
Tier+Tactical - Explosive 1
I can see my house from here!
Panopticon 1,119
Tier+Tactical - Tier 2A
... and 2 is too low!
Panopticon 1,111
Tier+Tactical - Tier 2
Guaranteed better than Tier 1 or your money back
Panopticon 1,167
Tier+Tactical - Tier 1A
Because 1 ain't enough...
Panopticon 1,035
Tier+Tactical - Tier 1
Gonna set some things right.
Panopticon 1,495
A small rapid firing submachine gun suited for quick, medium range combat.
Mr. Annoying 792
Energy Blaster
You're here, now you're a poster on that wall.
Kokonut 841
A trusty knife fit for any circumstance. Whether you're a knight, a pirate, a so
Mr. Annoying 1,023
[Weapons] Aebaadcode's Pack CBKT
One of aeb's unfinished weapon packs
Radio Star 984
HFG-19 (Shoulder-Mounted Minigun)
Grind up bad guys with this.
Ze Meister 1,026
v8 Zombie Melee
Why should bots be the only ones breaking stuff?
Kokonut 820
Dr. Hax
Ze Meister 978
Throwable Telefonmast
American has telefonmast!
Ze Meister 863
Snowball Minigun
Rapidly shoots snowballs
RallyBlock 863
Completely normal revolver
just a revolver, nothing special
jyvot 821
Swords Akimbo
100% more sword!
Kokonut 814
Western Weapon Pack
Some old school western guns I cooked up.
Knighticus 1,109
Old School weapon Remakes
A bunch of remastered old school weapons
Knighticus 1,146
Shoots staples somehow???
[insert name here] 870
Pixel Spells Revamped
Blow your friends up with a full rainbow of weapons!
Ghille 852
Rocket Jumper
All the flying fun, minus the missing limbs.
Ghille 726
Quake Rocket Launcher
Best protection for slip gate travel since 1996!
Ghille 728
Shield Generator
A deployable shield generator that protects players from damage.
Pecon 818
LEGO Rifle
That one rifle in your LEGO bin.
Kokonut┬▓ 1,066
LEGO Revolver
Be the most retro cowboy of 'em all.
Kokonut┬▓ 1,062
Bushido's Adventure Pack
A complete set of desert/military weapons
Conan 2,121
A peasant tool
King Tony 852
Throwing Spear
Spear edit, kinda more realistic
King Tony 894
Throwing Knife
Stab and throw
King Tony 1,020
Golden Gun II
An instakill, single shot pistol that is made out of GOLD. From 007.
Ze Meister 1,130
Makarov SWep
amateur pistol edit, model by DrenDran(?)
Beskupehn 1,031
Ammo Bow
Default bow that requires ammo
Conan 1,163
Slap Hand
Send your friends flying with this hysterical weapon!
Trinko 1,108
Better Boombelt
This is a modification of the 2009 add-on "Boombelt", found on the RTB archives.
Queuenard 1,356
Dueling Ranged Weapons
Smart ranged weapons!
Conan 1,973
Dueling Swords
Parry and kill your enemies!
Conan 2,444
Shock Grenade
Stun enemies with a throw of this weapon!
Ze Operator 943
Silver Chariot
Pompmaker1 1,148
Carmelized Rocket Launcher
Not as OP as the Mini-Nuke tough!
Unmastered┬▓ 1,282
Fedorov Avtomat
Antique assault rifle.
wrestlingfan69 1,092
Cat-Silenced Assault Rifle
I Regret Nothing.
Bloo Kirby 1,356
The NetherLauncher
A shitty ripoff of the Suomi launcher
TheArmyGuy 1,121
Dual Guns
Akimbo Guns, but you use both mouse buttons.
wrestlingfan69 1,015
Double Gun
A double-barrel default gun.
wrestlingfan69 1,151
Throwable Cat
Now you too can be a Snapchat star!
Electrk 1,317
Burst Rifle
all you gotta do is pull the trigger
Kidalex 1,400
Simple, quick, and efficient.
bubuoom 1,785
NES Zapper ('85 and '88 variants)
Poosh! Duck down!
EmeraldDragonDude 1,226
Roblox Rocket Launcher
Default RL Reskin!
Conan 1,339
Finnish rockelauncher
c[_] 1,168
Laser Trip-mine
An advanced wall-mounted trap that detonates when its beam is broken.
Rally 1,485
Default SMG
A default style SMG.
Hologlaxer 1,530
The Golden Gun
Scaramanga's Golden Gun from James Bond.
Ze Meister 1,351
Ion Cannon Mark II
Successor to the original model, now with more appeal and balancing!
Ze Operator 4,861
Splattershot Gun
The splattershot from Splatoon, in Blockland!
EcstaticEggplant 1,387
D-Smiley Ball
Bounces Everywhere
Mr.No├čody 1,160
D-Angry Ball
Bounces Everywhere
Mr.No├čody 1,337
Fur Fighters Plasma Weapons
NightHawk 1,831
Smash Bros. Style Super Scope
EmeraldDragonDude 1,168
Winchester Shotgun
Conan 2,227
Star Wars Blaster Pack
Phanto 2,984
Blockality Ammo
Sheepocalypse 2,931
Blockality weapon pack
Sheepocalypse 5,401
40k Imperial Guard Weapons
Tingalz 4,016
Yachty's Dungeon - Season 1
Phanto 1,480
Sniper Rifle Updated
Conan 2,359
Conan 1,636
Conan 1,631
Conan 3,236
Complex Weapons Package
Jack Noir 5,236
Old School Weapon Pack
hodot 2,207
Magic Wand
Xenos109 1,104
Handheld Artillery
CommunistSquared 1,496
Mr Queeba 1,726
Jes00 2,983
StormWeapons Pack
Filipe1020 2,994
Doaler4sBack 1,247
The Duck Cannon
Pecon 1,639
Jes00 2,420