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Name Uploader Downloads
Maxwell the carryable cat
this cat is fuсked up bruh
RockyDoctor64 194
[Item] High Vis. Vest(s)
Makes you glow in the dark.
Kokonut 423
Audio CD
/stereo as an item?
Kokonut 437
Brick Props
No more floating NES controller bricks!
Kokonut 599
[Item] Medieval Armors
A bunch of medieval armors
Radio Star 698
Brickicity Expansion
An expansion pack for Item_Brickicity
Hologlaxer 518
MLG Airhorn
Poggers rise up!
NightHawk 617
Parachute Pack
An item that provides an alternative to falling to your doom!
Lordician 843
Snow Builder
An item for sculpting buildable snow.
Electrk 782
Camcorder Remake
A re-invisioning of a classic movie-making add-on.
Mr. Annoying 974
A shady overcoat to insulate, and conceal.
Mr. Annoying 897
A SnapBuilds variance of electronics
Hologlaxer 968
Jar of dirt
jar of dirt
remanedur 740
Energy Pickups + Items
Don't forget about that blue bar..
Kokonut 849
The Hunting Vest
A reskin of Jack Noir's hunting vest that offers 50+ hp!
Soviet Narwhal 752
Hunting Vest
Hunt in style
Kokonut 925
UNSC Marine Armors
Halo 3 UNSC Marine Corps Battle Dress Uniform
Ze Meister 1,153
Minigun Jetpack
Take a joyride on one of these babies!
Conan 1,132
Smoke a fag
TheArmyGuy 1,223
Middle finger
Give the finger to anything and everything.
TheArmyGuy 1,015
Birdies for days.
RallyBlock 963
An item-based building add-on.
Hologlaxer 934
Conan's Drinks
Build, serve, and consume beverages
Conan 3,349
Trigun's Jetpack
A jetpack you can wear without holding the item!
Conan 1,039
An item to show you which way you're looking!
Conan 1,179
Castle Skeleton Key
A key that opens anything of any color.
King Tony 919
Castle Grey Key
A medieval grey colored key
King Tony 943
Castle Key Pack
Collection of standard RGBY keys
King Tony 915
Lego Island Pizza
Do not feed the brickster
King Tony 1,041
Tennis Ball & Rackets
A round of tennis had never been so exciting!
Filipe1020 1,062
Staff of the White Mage
Heal your allies! Flee from your enemies!
Magus 1,119
Plate Armor
Protect yourself.
irrel 1,380
DPS Meter
Find out a weapon's DPS!
Conan 1,334
Popcorn Item
Popcorn buckets perfect for a trip to the cinema
EcstaticEggplant 1,572
Quake-Like Powerups
Phanto 1,798
Armor Powerups
Phanto 1,504