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Name Uploader Downloads
Maxwell the carryable cat
this cat is fuсked up bruh
RockyDoctor64 229
[Item] High Vis. Vest(s)
Makes you glow in the dark.
Kokonut 432
Audio CD
/stereo as an item?
Kokonut 451
Brick Props
No more floating NES controller bricks!
Kokonut 616
[Item] Medieval Armors
A bunch of medieval armors
Radio Star 730
Brickicity Expansion
An expansion pack for Item_Brickicity
Hologlaxer 526
MLG Airhorn
Poggers rise up!
NightHawk 633
Parachute Pack
An item that provides an alternative to falling to your doom!
Lordician 864
Snow Builder
An item for sculpting buildable snow.
Electrk 790
Camcorder Remake
A re-invisioning of a classic movie-making add-on.
Mr. Annoying 987
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