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Name Uploader Downloads
Spongebob Bot Mod
A Bot mod for blockland!
Blockhead262004 331
Lil thumpin' bunny!
Trogtor 445
Smooth Horse
Strong independent Horse that don't need no Blockhead
Kokonut 432
Gangster & Cop Bots
A group of unpredictable gang members, plus a cop that exterminates them.
Robbinson Block 608
Among Us Crewmate
Conan 777
Halo-Shielded Health Player
A player type that makes your health behave like the player's shield in the Halo
Masterlegodude 585
Multiple Slots Player
1 - 9 slot players
Dglider 772
Pine Tree
Be the tree.
Jes00 866
Lego elephant
BlockAlpha 958
Fallout Power Armor Playertypes
T-45d and T-51b now playable in Blockland!
Cowboy Dude 1,424
DOOM Marine Playertype
Cowboy Dude 1,548
Fully Customizable Anime Playertype
Customize your chan today.
Pompmaker1 1,280
Top Down Speeds
Top down playertypes with different speeds.
Ide 984
Rub Rabbit Playertypes
Where do babies come from?
Pompmaker1 990
Invincible Quake-Like Playertype
Perfect for spawn rooms and power hungry admins.
SadBlobfish 1,119
Conan 1,507
Doraemon V2
Much better than the first one, Trust me.
OfficerZach7551 1,175
The 22nd Century robot cat from the media franchise of the same name.
OfficerZach7551 1,046
K-ON Playertypes
Go watch K-ON!
Pompmaker1 1,039
Customizable Minifigure
A rainbow of minifigures!
trussive 1,781
Ogre Playertype
Some body once told me the world is gonna roll me...
Pompmaker1 1,148
Space Patrol Luluco Playertype
Fight for justice!
Pompmaker1 1,170
Anime Stereotype Playertypes
Downloading this marks you as a hopeless weaboo.
Pompmaker1 1,436
Deeeep Shark
It's not a popsicle, it's a top-tier carnivore!
Pompmaker1 1,146
Bulletkin Playertype (Enter the Gungeon)
Bullet Kin are the most common Gundead.
Pompmaker1 1,202
Blocko Parrot (v1.1)
The old and classic lego parrot now as a player model.
BlockAlpha 1,398
Mad Man Player
Are you mad?!
Gentle Spy 1,129
Super Blockhead Player
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Super Blockhead!
Gentle Spy 1,157
Hidden-Jet Player
This playertype goes with my Hide/Show command Add-On.
Gentle Spy 1,040
One of the biggest dinosaur ever discovered
BlockAlpha 1,317
Rowboat Guy
Crown 1,292
Conan 2,553
Conan 1,473
Half-Life-Like Playertype
piber20 1,448
Freeze Tag Playertypes
Marios 1,263
Dwarf Player
Jes00 1,257
MenderMan 1,191
Player - Unconscious
Jes00 1,342
Player - No Item Pickup
Jes00 1,173