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Name Uploader Downloads
Spongebob Bot Mod
A Bot mod for blockland!
Blockhead262004 365
Lil thumpin' bunny!
Trogtor 467
Smooth Horse
Strong independent Horse that don't need no Blockhead
Kokonut 439
Gangster & Cop Bots
A group of unpredictable gang members, plus a cop that exterminates them.
Robbinson Block 643
Among Us Crewmate
Conan 816
Halo-Shielded Health Player
A player type that makes your health behave like the player's shield in the Halo
Masterlegodude 595
Multiple Slots Player
1 - 9 slot players
Dglider 792
Pine Tree
Be the tree.
Jes00 874
Lego elephant
BlockAlpha 969
Fallout Power Armor Playertypes
T-45d and T-51b now playable in Blockland!
Cowboy Dude 1,442
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