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Name Uploader Downloads
Wega Face
[ summary lost; replace me ]
Raulix 41
I Heart Blockland decals
Now you can show your love for Blockland on a shirt!
luke1978 49
Medieval Roleplay Plus
Decals for the Medieval Roleplay server.
Sable 159
Geese Howard Smile
"I'll stain my hands with your blood!"
Vista 221
Brickadia Face
Default face on Brickadia
Raulix 413
timmy turner
Fairly odd parents
OrangeDude7000 309
[Face] Neutral Facepack
Neutral Expression for both Genders.
JumperK 350
Best Anime Waifu
SoarNsquid 390
Luigi's Facepack #1
Collection of 23 Unique Faces
-Luigi- 441
[Face] Twitch
Radio Star 407
What's so funny about the name Sussus Amogus?
TheArmyGuy 517
[Face] xQc
El Goblino
Radio Star 400
SNS Zombie Faces 2 (SNS ZF2)
Half a six pack of zombie faces
SoarNsquid 449
SNS Zombie Faces (Not Blocko)
A neutral and yelling/screaming zombie face for more expressive zombie NPCs
SoarNsquid 439
A face pack, where I drew whatever
SoarNsquid 463
A classic spooky ghoul face.
KickKat 427
Zink logo from splatoon
a logo to put ur shirt like if u were in splatoon
Victormedina6 466
Virtual2005's(Victormedina6) face
My lazy face
Victormedina6 492
An unfittingly shaded, cursed face I made
SoarNsquid 489
A set of hand drawn faces
SoarNsquid 556
Tired Face
It makes your avatar look bored or tired
SoarNsquid 486
SoarNsquid 533
Tucker Face
Tucker Carlson's 'wtf' face for Blockland
Mr. Annoying 579
[Face] David Bowie
Radio Star 574
SoarNsquid's Random Facepack
A Combination of Hand Drawn and photoshopped photos as faces!!!
SoarNsquid 611
Minimalist Alien
An alien face for Blockland.
Mr. Annoying 608
Block Lives Matter
Remember their usernames!
Mr. Annoying 717
South Park Faces
Oh my god, they killed Kenny!
Failsafe Ziprar 664
Doge Face
A doge face for Blockland.
Mr. Annoying 646
Impotent Rage [Face]
It's time for mind bending, liberal, impotent rage!
Mr. Annoying 621
Long eye lashes for a more feminine look.
Mr. Annoying 717
[Decal] EncalhadoRP
Shirt Decals for the server Encalhado.
Christmas 655
Bill Cosby
Some Bill Cosby faces.
Butterniinja 746
[Face] WinterBite²
Even more faces
Radio Star 1,042
Unusual Facepack
Faces only a mother could love...
Mr. Annoying 770
Camera Operator
Lights... Camera... Blockland!
Mr. Annoying 851
Blox News Shirt
Fair and blockland.
Mr. Annoying 839
[Face] Joker (2019)
Put on a happy face.
Radio Star 767
Ace Gamer shirt
For epic italian pallet loopers
Mr.Sky 821
Black Metal Corpse Paint Face
Heavy metal intensifies
Filipe1020 846
Failsafe's Shitty Facepack
A facepack containing 13 faces, all drawin crappily in Paint3D.
Failsafe Ziprar 826
Rick & Morty Face Pack
A Face Pack inspired by Rick & Morty
GiantLemon 628
[Decals] Hoodies Plus
More hoodies
Radio Star 893
Plastic surgery Facepack
Become Handsome
Blockhead183671 749
Zombo's squish
haha he squishy
superbad.c 744
WinterBite faces with new ones
Suzu 1,138
Fragrant's Bizzare ****post \Faces\
A.K.A Fragrant's Bizzare Stuffpost.
Blockhead256564 738
Fragrant's Bizzare ****post \Decals\
A.K.A Fragrant's Bizzare Stuffpost.
Blockhead256564 723
Star Trek Uniform Decals
Decals based on the various uniforms of Star Trek
Torak 705
ChipDonut's Olimar Face
For those tiny intergalactic explorers.
DonutMonkey 861
Scooba's Face-full of Pack, Oh My!
gettin yo eggrolls in a bunch
Apache 684
Face 50's Glasses
The look of yesteryear.
*Kane* 817
Rock my Forum Faces
Injoke faces
TuxedoGlasses 881
Iska's Cute Faces
kawaii desu o wo
iska 1,022
Miscellaneous Weird Faces
Being ugly never felt so good.
iska 890
Jaggly Scragglies
Monstrous faces, for monstrous people.
iska 866
SuperMalleo64's Facepack
Ever thought of a cute facepack like this? WELL HERE IT IS!
Failsafe Ziprar 955
PlayerFit (Decal Pack)
Name brand decal pack.
Kovect 1,793
Craftersshaft Faces
A tiny face pack.
craftersshaft 1,224
MC Ride Decal
Stay noided (decal)
Beskupehn 936
MC Ride Face
Stay noided (face)
Beskupehn 994
charles' herd of faces
Charles 1,320
Sleeping face
Pataphysical 922
Pondering Face
Contemplate your existence with this face.
Aeonara 1,089
ROBLOX Big/BiggerHead Face
Face from the ROBLOX BigHead and BiggerHead hats.
Mr Queeba 1,177
Face_Glowing Eyes (Colored)
Glowing eyes of every color!
Mr.No├čody 1,214
Some super spooky faces.
Mr.No├čody 1,141
Face_Kim Jong un
It's Kim Jong Un!
Mr.No├čody 1,135
SiivaGunner Decal
Wear the HQ ripper on your torso.
Kyrorki 1,009
Classic Island/Monster Faces
Jirue 1,354
Classic Lego Ninjas: Faces
Jirue 1,282
Classic Lego Ninjas: Decals
Jirue 1,248
Classic Lego Knight Decals
Jirue 1,294
Classic Lego Space Decals
Jirue 1,264
Classic Lego Pirates: Faces
Jirue 1,207
Classic Lego Pirates: Decals
Jirue 1,242
Classic Island/Monster Decals
Jirue 1,316
Classic Lego Casual: Faces
Jirue 1,648
Classic Lego Casual: Decals
Jirue 1,739
Medieval RP Decals
Suzu 2,892
Undertale Decals
Aeonara 1,713
Undertale Facepack
Aeonara 1,993
Roblox Smiley
NewPuncher 1,260
Extra Default Pack 1
NewPuncher 1,312
Super Mario 65 1,598
trussive 1,236
Simple Racing Suit Decal
MoltenKitten 992
piber20 Expanded Default Faces
piber20 1,522
TuxedoGlasses 1,162
vitawrap 1,560
Raise your dongers face
vitawrap 1,162