A service for the community, by the community

Hosting Add-Ons

What's Glass?

Blockland Glass is a service made for Blockland to help expand and cultivate the community. Currently, Glass acts as a content and social platform offering the ability to download Glass add-ons in-game, manage your servers' preferences, add friends and talk to others through the chatroom or direct messaging.

By the community?

Glass is intended to be a group project. Although the bulk of the work has been fronted individually, we're striving to move to an open-source site, allowing for Glass to be a truly community made project.

Live Stats

Right now, there's 76 Blockland servers online with 127 users. Glass has a total of 288995 downloads and 59587 updates.

Want to get involved?

Blockland Glass is an open-source project open to any contributions. If you're interested, please contribute on GitHub and check out the Blockland Glass Topic over on the Blockland Forums!