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SWeps - Ammo Crate

Uploaded by Davow
Aug 3rd 2019, 4:49 PM


REQUIRED: Swollow's SWeps
BLF Topic:

An interactive brick found in the Interactive section of the Special tab. This is meant for SWeps as it says in the title.

How to use the crate:

  1. Stand near the crate to be given the maximum ammunition.
  2. If "limited supplies" is enabled and you're in a minigame, the amount of ammo resupplied for your weapon will be the number of supplies taken from the crate.
  3. The crate will resupply the SWep you're holding, along with additionally needed ammunition that you have used in your current cartridge.


  • Support for BLG Preferences
  • Ammo acquire delay: Delay in milliseconds each time ammo is given
    (Min - 0) (Max - 750)
  • Limit supplies: In minigames, it gives a center print popup that tells how much supplies are left inside and how much supplies you took. Once it reaches 0, the crate is empty.
  • Supply amount: How much supplies it has once the event resets it or is first planted. The amount of ammo needed for your weapon will now be the number of supplies taken from the crate.
    (Min - 0) (Max - 2500)
  • Output event: resetCrateAmmo which set's the ammo crate back to its max.
    -Brick from Gamemode_Zombie


Version 1.1

November 18, 2019

Version 1.0.4

September 7, 2019

Version 1.0.3

August 14, 2019


No bugs reported.
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