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Shark II - '70s muscle car

Uploaded by Teneksi
Nov 23rd 2017, 10:45 PM


Teneksi's Garage forum topic


It takes a certain kind of madness to look at a car as curvy as the Corvette C3 and decide "yeah. I think I'll make one of those for a game based on low detail and square edges."

Fortunately, its sweeping lines provide enough sharpness to let it stand out without looking out of place. At least, this is true in my opinion. And my opinion has been wrong before.

As of 2.0.0, this includes 4 variants:

Shark II '68 Tuned
Wide wheels, custom headlights, and a big ol' stripe. Not to mention it goes faster.

Shark II '70 Powerful
The Shark '70 you've come to know, but with a facelift and less squishy handling. Hitting the gas in the middle of a corner will cause slides, but new tire emitters help you see which way you're going.

Shark II '75 Mild-mannered
The oil crisis of the '70s translates to a smooth, easy drive with less power being shoved into the rear wheels. It can still reach a high speed, but you'll do a lot less sliding on your way there.

Shark II Blocko handling
Lower top speed, but much quicker acceleration and braking, and enough grip to navigate tiny default roads. But it hasn't lost its character; it leans into curves and has just a bit of a slide to it.

Typical lights, color schemes
More factory colors and visual parts, accessed with /veh
Switchable wheels (only applied when respawned) so you can put the huge, grippy wheels on a slower car, or perhaps put the narrow stock wheels on the tuned version and challenge yourself to keep it on the road. Also accessed with /veh, of course.


Version 2.0.0

July 4, 2018


No bugs reported.
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