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Emote - 11 Voiced Basketball "Commands"

Uploaded by Woyan
Mar 12th 2018, 2:01 AM


If you installed my previous Call For Pass add-on then uninstall it and replace it with this. This adds 9 more commands on those 2.

/isolation - call for an isolation

/screen - call for a screen

/alleyoop - call for an alley oop

/getopen - tell your teammate(s) to get open for the ball

/rebound - tell your teammate(s) to rebound the ball

/passit - call for a pass

/imopen - tell your teammate(s) that you are open for the ball

/goodshot - compliment them on their made basket

/mismatch - alert your team of a defensive or offensive mismatch

/cuttohoop - tell your teammate(s) to cut to the basket for the ball

/shootit - tell your teammate(s) to shoot the ball immediately


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