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Barrage Balloon

Uploaded by ANT
May 8th 2018, 7:29 PM


An unmanned barrage balloon that functions nicely as a destroyable object when combined with vehicle events for your WW1-WW2 era dogfights (and why not other stuff too). For those not familiar with barrage balloons concept-wise, they're unmanned balloons fixed to the ground via a long rope, intended for obstructing enemy bombers above important potential targets.


  • A long anchoring rope that 'fades away' downwards so it looks ok no matter how high up in the air you place the vehicle spawn
  • Stays fixed in its position no matter how much you try to push it or bump into it. Crashing a plane into it will cause normal trouble only for the plane. Won't budge even if spawned in mid air (important for adjusting its altitude)
  • Destroyable, has 1500 health
  • Simple leaking gas emitter roughly indicating damage level
  • Falls down wrecked with a huge smoke column when destroyed


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