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Uploaded by ANT
May 8th 2018, 7:53 PM


A distantly WW2-ish fighter aircraft which distantly somewhat resembles the american F4U Corsair while clearly not being the F4U Corsair. Probably familiar from TheBrighterDark's dogfight server I suppose


  • Includes a normal version and a "Jabo" (Jagdbomber, figher bomber) version
  • Jabo version drops bomb by pressing space, bomb respawns in 10 seconds
  • Automatically retracting landing gear (accelerate to raise, slow down to lower) with fancy nonexistent animations BL default door style
  • Automatically folding/unfolding wings (player mounted = wings unfolded)
  • Raycast machineguns with faster-than-projectiles visual tracers
  • Unique engine sounds
  • Includes an attempt at having a reflector sight by me
  • Explodes on impact
  • Very powerful engine and a weird attempt at a relatively realistic handling that will stall the plane if you turn too tight, described by some as being 'drifty'

Additional info

This is a much older add-on than my WW1 planes and thus the quality is (atleast in my eyes) also noticably lower, keep that in mind if you wanna get nitpicky with it the way I personally do. It may have some minor cosmetic issues but nothing serious.


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