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Name Uploader Version Downloads
BLB switches

TheArmyGuy 0.0.0 1168
Body Parts

Player body parts in brick form!

RallyBlock 1.2.0 738

Random assortment of bricks.

DessertSource 3 247
Brown Chest w/ Paintable Lock

A variant of the default chest that's brown and the lock can be painted

Masterlegodude 1.0.0 184
Card reader

A brick to use with keycards

TheArmyGuy 2.0.0 152
Chest Doors

Like the prop brick but better

Kokonut 1.2.1 65
Christmas Brickpack

Ostinyo 0.0.0 683
Crate Bricks

Jes00 0.0.0 1272

Body pillows for the uninitiated

Conan 1.0.0 110
Default Fence Extras

A Pack Made by Conan and RallyBlock

RallyBlock 2.0.3 1044