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Name Uploader Version Downloads
40k Imperial Guard Weapons

Tingalz 1.0.1 1624
Ammo Bow

Default bow that requires ammo

Conan 1.2 397
Ammo Gun

Out of bullets already?!

Kokonut 2.1.0 216

Simple, quick, and efficient.

bubuoom 1.0.0 940
Autoscatter mk.2

Actually default-style semi-auto shotgun.

wrestlingfan69 1.0.1 25

Jes00 0.0.0 1484
Better Boombelt

This is a modification of the 2009 add-on "Boombelt", found on the RTB archives. The player will scream "allahu akbar" before detonating the belt.

Queuenard 0.0.0 534
Blockality Ammo

Sheepocalypse 0.0.0 2031
Blockality weapon pack

Sheepocalypse 3 3900
Bloko Stealth Gun

A silenced gun to pick your your enemies off with, little to their knowledge...

Mr. Annoying 0.05 31